'Not appropriate!': Eye-popping bridesmaid dress turns heads

An Aussie brand has caused a stir in the world of weddings today, dipping their toes into the choppy waters of bridesmaid dresses.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a shock frock as a bridesmaid at one point or another, but what would you say if your dearest friend asked you to don this gown and rock and roll down the aisle for her?

Meshki bridesmaid dress advertisement cleavage Facebook controversy
Meshki fashion label advertised this dress for bridesmaids and we have some questions. Photo: Meshki

If you’re anything like much of the internet, you might have some hesitations about suffering a possible wardrobe malfunction mid-Pachelbel's Canon.

The dress itself in a new bridal offering from Aussie brand Meshki.


Known as the DANIELLA Cupped Split Maxi Dress - the above in Champagne - the gown will set the prospective bridesmaid back a cool $199, but a social media post from the brand has erupted in ridicule online.

Meshki Facebook post of booby bridesmaid dress caption reads: "“Will you be my bridesmaid?”  The answer is yes in our DANIELLA Maxi Dress.”
Photo: Facebook

Sharing a very eye-popping angle of the dress, the brand captioned a Facebook post: “Will you be my bridesmaid? The answer is yes in our DANIELLA Maxi Dress.”

For many onlookers, however, the answer was a firm no.

“This is not a bridesmaid kinda dress!” one lady wrote. “I’ll be embarrassed for my girls if one even suggested for them to wear this! nope nope nope!”

Image of DANIELLE cleavage bridesmaid dress from MESHKI
Not everyone was sold on the DANIELLE dress. Photo: Meshki

The brand in a slightly spicy response suggested that in 2020 it may not be appropriate to censor the kind of dress a bridesmaid can wear.

Not everyone agreed.

“Couldn't care less if it's 2020...” one person responded. “It's not appropriate in the main photo used as a bridesmaids dress.”

“The guests may never recover,” another woman worried.

Others joked that the dress wouldn’t be picked by the bride, and might not even be allowed by her.

Meshki label DANIELLE wedding gown $199 caused cleavage controversy
Some simply couldn't see the gown as wedding-appropriate. Photo: Meshki

“If I wear this to a wedding the bride ain’t gone let me in the venue,” one observed.

“Whats this bridesmaid tryna do?” another wondered. “Steal the groom?”

Not everyone was anti-DANIELLA however, with some pushing back against the outrage.

“Oh no her titties are showing must not show boobies at wedding,” was one sarcastic take.

“Please get over yourselves,” another wrote.

It’s not the first time wedding wear has caused a big old hullaballoo online, though it tends to be the more and more risqué bridal gowns that draw eyebrows to dizzying heights.

Last months a totally sheer gown had Instagram users doing a double-take when it was advertised as a wedding dress.

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