Today fans praise 'adorable' moment reporter's son crashes her live cross

Reporter Mia Glover was greeted by a very excited guest while on the job.

Growing up, it was always exciting to visit a parent at work and things were no different for Today reporter, Mia Glover's young son.

While on the job in Queensland, Mia was greeted by a very excited guest, her son Albert.

At first, Albert is seen pausing while he tries to figure out if it's safe to interrupt his mum or not, before he's encouraged by his dad to go running up and see what all this TV business is all about.

"Trying to work out if mum is on-air or not," the video was captioned.

Today show reporter Mia Glover is greeted by her son
Today show reporter Mia Glover is greeted by her son on-set. Photo:


With a little giggle and his arms outstretched, Albert is greeted by his equally excited mum.

"Oh my boy, hello!" Mia exclaims.

The video ends with Albert very content in his mum's arms.

Watch the super cute footage below:


The sweet video garnered a lot of comments online and was bombarded with heart emojis.

"The cutest," Channel Nine's Shelly Horton said.

"This is the sort of thing that should be on air!" one Instagram user said.

"I remember when my boys used to do that," another reminisced.

"How good is that, warms the heart, "another person commented.

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