Warning over ‘dangerous’ new TikTok filter used by millions: 'Scared'

The viral TikTok beauty filter has been used over 8.6 million times.

A body-positive influencer has warned fans about a ‘dangerously real’ TikTok beauty filter that completely changes how your face looks. The “Bold Glamour” filter adds a layer of heavy makeup as well as smoothing out imperfections, and has been growing in popularity since being launched this week.

The filter has been used over 8.6 million times, with more people jumping on the trend each day. Joanna Kenny, who often shares her ‘self-acceptance’ journey on the platform, has now slammed the filter in a scathing video.

Two images of TikToker Joanna Kenny using the Bold Glamour filter
Influencer Joanna Kenny has blasted the viral TikTok "Bold Glamour" filter. Photo: TikTok/joannajkenny

In a video viewed over 6 million times, Joanna urged followers to steer clear of the polarising filter by demonstrating the drastic difference on her own face.

“DON’T USE THIS FILTER. This is the viral filter everyone is using [right now]…you deserve to live a full and happy life without worrying about how you look doing it,” she wrote in the caption.

Showing how far filter technology has advanced, she waved her hand in front of her face while speaking to the camera, but the filter didn’t budge.


“It’s crazy. I don’t look anything like this, but the filter itself looks natural like there’s some skin texture there,” she said. The TikToker added that some before and after filter comparisons from other users don’t look too different, but she was horrified when she tried it out for herself.

“I don’t want to say this about myself, but I actually look ugly when I take this filter off. I have done a lot of work to unlearn that I owe prettiness to anyone,” she said.

I don’t think my brain knows how to deal with looking like this one minute, and then this, the next,” she added, before revealing her natural face.

“So here’s a reminder for anyone who needs it. Filtered skin is not a skin type. And we’re already the perfect edit,” she finished.

L: Joanna Kenny on TikTok wtih the Bold Glamour filter on. R: Joanna Kenny on TikTok without any filters or makeup
She looked completely different in her comparison video. Photo: TikTok/joannajkenny

TikTok has just announced a daily limit of 60 minutes for children aged under 18, but people are still concerned that the platform isn't that 'safe' for kids. Many people flocked to the comment section to point out how 'harmful' beauty filters can be for young girls.

“I needed to see this. That filter messed me up. You are more beautiful [without] the filter. You do not look ugly AT ALL! Don't say that love,” one person wrote.

“This is so true. I feel really scared for young girls using this filter,” another pointed out.

“I hate how these filters are just getting worse and worse as they get more and more realistic and regardless of everyone KNOWING they're harmful,” a third added.

“Phone cameras in general [give] me body dysmorphia, the way they stretch my face is so weird,” another chimed in.


Others assured the influencer that she was a ‘natural beauty’ and many preferred her without the filter.

“YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just as you are. Filters cause so much damage to our self-confidence,” a fan commented.

“YES! I'm fed up with today's ridiculous obsession with 'Perfect Plastic Pretty'. Love your normal look!” another agreed.

“I will say, I was shocked at the reveal bc you really don't look like the filter at all but in a good way,” a third remarked.

“Wanted to hop in here and say you’re absolutely not ugly without it, then realized I said the same thing about myself. Anyway, my point is, we all have texture and whatnot and that’s not ugly!!” added another.

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