Aussie traveller sparks debate over 'entitled' request: 'You're wrong'

The TikToker probably didn't get the reaction he expected.

An Aussie TikToker has sparked an intense debate over a request he made on a flight that some have labelled "entitled". Jay Kloss took to TikTok earlier this month to share a rant about a man who refused to switch seats with him on a flight despite the switch seemingly being an easy one.

"Am I in the wrong?" Jay asked his followers, explaining he and his partner were flying business class recently and weren't able to get seats together but were only separated by one other traveller.

An Aussie traveller rants on TikTok
An Aussie traveller has sparked an intense debate over a request he made on a plane. Photo: TikTok/jaykloss_

Jay's partner Zoe was seated in the window seat, and he was in the aisle seat on the opposite side, so hoped the man seated next to her might switch as he was still getting an aisle seat in the same row, just on the other side.

He shared that he "politely" asked the man to switch to the "exact same aisle seat on the opposite side", but was shocked when the man didn't even respond at first.


"He just looks at me, he doesn't respond," Jay explains, continuing, "I was like, 'Is it possible if you switch to here?' He was like, 'No, I won't, but I'll sit here (Zoe's window seat)'."

Jay adds that Zoe "isn't a great flyer" and can get "super nauseous" so always needs to sit by the window.

"Either way, he's either getting the exact same spot (but) just on the other side of the aisle. But he won't take that, he's like, 'Nah, I'll only move to here (Zoe's window seat)'."

"So, he'll make us sit on either side of the aisle, just for no reason. It's the same seat so anyway, I'm like, 'Bro, really? You sure you can't swap seats with us?' And he just doesn't respond to me," he says.

Zoe then tried asking the man, "Zoe says: 'Hey, excuse me, is it possible for us to switch seats, is there some sort of problem? It's my birthday today, I'd like to sit with my partner'. And he's like, 'Nah, no problem, just not moving'."

Jay, clearly confused, asks his followers, "Like what the f**k? Am I missing something? Can somebody explain to me, what the hell is going on here? It's the same seat, just on a different side of the aisle."

He adds that the passenger sitting next to him later swapped seats with Zoe, so they could sit together, however, he was still mad at the first man, saying that once they got off the plane he aired his frustrations.

However, many commenters were not on Jay's side, with one user writing, "Dude. That's his seat. The entitlement from this guy."

"Bro I'm sick of people asking to switch seats. Book the right seat first," another said.

"So what if it’s her birthday... she’s not 5," a third said. "Book the seats you want in future. Simple."

"Why should your inability to plan affect someone else in any way?" someone else added.

"You shouldn’t feel entitled to other people’s help," one user wrote.

"You're in the wrong, should have booked seats together in the first place," another agreed.

"You should have swapped with her and sat next to him," one person joked.

Others shared several reasons for why people might need to be seated on one side of the plane, with a user writing, "My dad has to be sitting on a certain side of the plane so his right leg is in the aisle hanging out when he can due to a medical issue."

Some were on Jay's side, one user wrote, "I’m with you. What’s the difference? You don’t own the plane, is the guy attached the seat. Be a good person and help them out. It’s the same seat."

"The flights around Australia are so short so why not make two people happy. Life is too short to be unhelpful," another said.

"I seriously don't get most of the responses here," a third agreed. "If something makes no difference to you, but improves someone else's life. Do it."

"It's so easy to just switch seats and make others happy around you, it doesn't take much to be kind! I would have swapped without a doubt," someone else added.

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