Kylie Jenner's see-through dress for 'family dinner' sparks debate

Some people slammed the reality TV star's fashion choice.

Kylie Jenner has divided fans with her revealing outfit for a family dinner in Mexico. The 25-year-old jumped on the ‘get ready with me’ trend on TikTok to show off her see-through designer dress.

Her video has been viewed over 9.5 million times, with multiple people arguing in the comments about whether her outfit was appropriate for a family event or not. The reality star chose to wear a white swimsuit underneath the Alexander Wang dress, with a large cutout stretching from underneath her breasts to just above her hips.

Two photos of Kylie Jenner in a bathroom
Kylie Jenner's latest fashion choice has turned heads. Photo: TikTok/kyliejenner

“We are in Mexico right now, we have a family dinner tonight, so get ready with me!” she said to her fans.

After putting a dab of blush on her cheeks, she proudly showed off a dazzling blush dress and skimpy swimsuit.

“So tonight, I’m gonna wear this new [Alexander] Wang look, this is such a pretty dress. Then underneath is actually this, it’s a bathing suit, but it’s this reflective material,” she explained.

After tugging the minidress on, Kylie pulled the long sleeves down to sit slightly off her shoulders. The racy swimsuit was visible with the dress leaving very little to the imagination.


The mum-of-two also filmed herself in a mirror to show that under the right lighting, the dress isn’t as see-through.

However, when she shines a flash on her outfit, her metallic white swimsuit pops and is extremely obvious.

Two photos of Kylie Jenner wearing a see through Alexander Wang dress
Some have slammed Kylie for wearing the sultry dress for a family dinner. Photo: TikTok/kyliejenner

Some people were shocked by the racy dress and couldn’t believe she wore this to dinner.

“For a family dinner!?” one person exclaimed.

“Who the hell wears [this] piece of s**t for a family dinner?” another asked.

“It’s not a good look, I agree with you,” a third chimed in.

Others praised Kylie for taking a big fashion risk.

“I am obsessed with this look,” a fan gushed.

“I would never wear that but it looks so good on Kylie,” another added.

“Damn…she knows what [she] is doing. Such talent girl,” a third remarked.

“I wasn’t about the outfit at first, but with dimmer lighting, and the flash on…genius,” another wrote.

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