The Voice winner slammed for 'bullsh*t' detail: 'This is a joke'

Lachie Gill was crowned as the winner of The Voice Australia 2022 on Sunday, with the 24-year-old walking away with a Universal Music Australia recording contract and $100,000 in prize money.

The Melbourne PE teacher and former footy player was visibly shocked when host Sonia Kruger announced he had won the competition, saying he was “blown away” and admitted he “never, ever would’ve expected” to win.

Lachie Gill on the left, singing his winners single with his guitar on The Voice. Rita Ora being happy for him on The Voice, smilling in a green outfit.
Lachie won The Voice and Coach Rita Ora couldn't contain her excitement. Photo: Seven

Lachie's coach Rita Ora was genuinely surprised and told the singer that this is just the beginning for him, before the star performed his winner’s single 'Wasted Time’.

He was competing against Faith Sosene from Team Jess, Team Guy’s Jordan Tavita and Team Keith’s Thando Sikwil. However, not everybody was happy with the outcome and The Voice was slammed by irate fans on social media for picking Lachie as the winner out of the diverse final four.


“Has Australia gone backwards? The white boy who is mediocre wins, and the 3 non-white contestants with a better range and vocals did not make it? This is a joke,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“3 people of colour, all unbelievably incredible singers and the white boy wins it! Bloody Straya! If you seriously believe that Lachie is a better singer than Thando then you are part of the problem! Bullsh*t!” another added.

“Is it The Voice we are voting for? It certainly isn’t diversity and inclusion,” a third chimed in.

Four photos of the top 4 on The Voice Australia 2022
The Voice has been slammed by fans on social media for Lachie's win. Photo: Seven

It may actually end up better that Faith, Jordan and Thando didn’t end up winning, as The Voice hasn’t produced a worldwide pop star. Coach Guy Sebastian told the Daily Telegraph in April that The Voice is unlikely to produce an instant chart-topper.

With the talent quest having a shorter season, the coach suggested the show is unlikely to create the next big pop star.

“I think there’s no chance for anyone unless they are prepared to be thrown to the wolves, it’s a really challenging industry and it’s changed a lot in the last 20 years," he said.

“It’s unrealistic to have this notion that we’re finding a superstar because we’re removing one of the most important equations out of that, which is time.”

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