Rita Ora breaks down on The Voice after vulnerable confession

The Voice coach Rita Ora showed her vulnerable side during Wednesday night's episode as she broke down in tears on the show.

Sharing her emotional story of her mother’s battle with breast cancer, she admitted that she doesn’t really talk about it much.

Rita Ora dressed in purple, with her hair tied up and gold hoop earrings, is visibly upset while sitting in her red The Voice chair.
Rita Ora breaks down telling her personal story. Photo: Channel Seven

Rita chose to share her story in response to contestant Aleisha Gam’s performance, who wowed the mentors with her heartfelt rendition of Make You Feel My Love by Adele.

All four chairs turned for the Sydney singer, with her emotional performance striking a chord.

Keith Urban praised the singer for her song choice, and pushed her to explain why she chose it.

Aleisha went on to explain that her mum has been struggling with cancer, and she wanted to pour love and emotion into every word.

In a surprise confession, Rita shared her own heartbreaking story of her mother’s cancer battle when she was a teen.

“I know how it feels to have that connection with a song, and then that memory always sticks with that song,” she began.


“My mum, she also had cancer,” she continued, as she broke down in tears.

"When she would go and get her treatment, she was losing her hair and stuff, we were teenagers, and it was really weird to see your mum not be the superhero that you always think your mum is going to be.”

Rita’s voice became wobbly as she tried to continue her story.

Aleisha with long brown hair, wearing a black off the shoulder top and black pants, sings into a microphone on The Voice set.
Aleisha's heartfelt performance struck a chord with all the mentors. Photo: Seven

“But it’s okay, she’s a survivor… That’s why I thought your emotion was so spot on, and I think that song was such a great song choice for you.”

Rita admitted to Aleisha that she doesn’t really talk about her mum’s cancer battle, but she wanted to let the singer know she understands how hard it is.

It wasn’t hard for Aleisha to make a decision, picking Rita as her mentor after connecting over their similar stories.

Rita Ora dressed in a purple dress and hair in a ponytail, hugs Aleisha on The Voice set. Aleisha is wearing a black, off the shoulder two piece outfit and has long brown hair.
The pair hugged after connecting on a deep level. Photo: Seven

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