The Voice fans call out Guy Sebastian over awkward moment

The Voice fans were furious on Tuesday when they recognised one of the contestants auditioning for the show.

The singer Jay Sierra mentioned his previous work performing with Cirque Du Soleil but failed to mention he’d already been on an Australian talent show.

Jay Sierra is singing and playing guitar on The Voice, he's wearing a beige hat with a shiny brown top, holding an electric red and white guitar, with black pants.
The Voice contestant Jay Sierra looked familiar to fans. Photo: Seven

Singer Jay, 27, was part of the boyband The Collective that came third on The X Factor Australia in 2012 —a show that Guy Sebastian was also a judge on.

The Voice mentors were amazed when Jay started singing, with Guy, Rita Ora and Keith Urban all turning their chairs.

Treating the singer as if they’d just discovered a new talent, the mentors avoided talking about the singer’s past success with The Collective.

Coach Rita exclaimed, “That was awesome! I want to know everything. Who are you?”

Guy Sebastian is in a blue shirt, standing and clapping. Rita Ora dressed in purple, Jessica Mauboy dressed in pink and Keith Urban in a black vest are all sitting on their The Voice chairs while clapping.
Guy Sebastian didn't seem to recognise Jay and gave him a standing ovation. Photo: Seven

People were confused by the whole situation and took to social media to slam the show.

“No mention of X Factor, weird nobody recognised him,” wrote a fan.


“Way to leave out the fact you were in The Collective, Jay, the boyband who won The X Factor about a decade or so back,” a second added.

“He should not be allowed on this show. Do a season of ex signed people if you wanna allow this,” another chimed in.

The Collective boy band are on The X Factor stage in the air, performing. There is a giant photo of the 5 boys behind them in the background.
The Collective were a boy band on The X Factor in 2012. Photo: Seven

Some people couldn’t believe that Guy didn’t mention The X Factor even though he worked closely with Jay in 2012.

One fan quipped, “Wasn’t Guy a judge on the season he was in? The fact that they are acting like they’ve never met.”

Keith used his ‘block’ option on Guy, to prevent Jay and Guy working together.

Wide shot of The Voice set, with Keith and Rita's names in front of them on the floor and Blocked in front of Guy Sebastian.
Keith Urban blocked Guy Sebastian from being Jay Sierra's mentor. Photo: Seven

Speaking on social media after the show, Jay discussed Keith’s decision.

“I ended up with Keith, he was actually my first pick,” he started.

“It’s humbling for sure, to think that he needed to do that.”

Guy Sebastian wearing a blue shirt, sitting in his red The Voice chair, smiling.
Guy was so impressed by Jay's performance. Photo: Seven

The boyband The Collective was formed on the fourth season of The X Factor Australia when members Jay, Trent Bell, Julian De Vizio, Zach Russell and Will Singe were put together.

The Collective went on to place third in the competition, and were signed to Sony Music Australia.

They had some success in Australia, with their first album debuting at number 11 on the ARIA Albums Chart before disbanding in 2015.

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