TikTok teen virgin falls pregnant without having sex

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A teenager who claims she fell pregnant before having penetrative sex for the first time has caused a stir online this week, after a TikTok video outlining the bonkers story went viral.

US mum Samantha Lynn Isabel took to the video platform to outline the jaw-dropping story of how she discovered she was expecting at just 19-years-old, despite being still being a virgin.

'Virgin Mary' mum Samantha Lynn Isabel
Samantha is a mum of two, but had her first baby while still a virgin. Photo: TikTok/sammiisabelx3

In the video, now-26-year-old Samantha explains that six years ago, on the night of her high school prom that she experienced cramping and realised she had missed a period.

While she had never had penetrative sex Samantha had dabbled in foreplay with her then-boyfriend and became concerned.

After reading online that pregnancy can result from foreplay, she became worried and decided to take a precautionary pregnancy test.

“I read you can become pregnant during foreplay if we touch ourselves,” she told her boyfriend at the time.

'Virgin' mum Samantha explains how she fell pregnant without having sex
Samantha shared the wild story in a viral TikTok video. Photo: TikTok/sammiisabelx3

Her and her boyfriend were left absolutely gobsmacked when several tests came back positive and they realised that Samantha had indeed done the seemingly-impossible and become a pregnant virgin.

The video explained that Samantha had the endure her friends and family nicknaming her the ‘Virgin Mary’ after the dust settled on the shocking revelation.


After weighing up their options, the pair decided to keep the baby. Today, more than six years on the duo are parents to Bentley, 5, and his little brother Theo, the latter having been made the more conventional way.

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with Samantha explaining in the comments that the pair were engaging in the ‘extreme’ kind of foreplay.

Watch the video below:

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Can you fall pregnant without having penetrative sex?

Single sperm meets egg symbolises virgin pregnancy birth penetrative sex
Though highly unlikely, it is technically possible to fall pregnant without penetrative sex. Photo: Getty Images

Doctors say Samantha’s situation is extremely rare but possible if semen is inserted into the vagina by mistake, however that might come about.

If any live sperm makes its way into the vagina there is a chance of pregnancy occurring, so if you’re replacing penetrative sex with fingering, and any semen is left on either party’s fingers, there is a slim chance could start a party in your uterus before you know it.

A study of so-called ‘virgin birth’ published in 2013 in the British Medical Journal reported 0.5% of a sample of 7870 women studied over 13 years reported falling pregnant without penetrative sex or assisted reproductive technology.

The study reported that ‘virgin births’ were “more common among women who signed chastity pledges or whose parents indicated lower levels of communication with their children about sex and birth control”.

Whether this means they fell victim to the same kind of covert semen sneak-through that got Samantha, or faced societal pressure to maintain a ‘virgin’ status is unclear.

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