Viral video shows us what we're getting wrong about weddings

This wholesome video shows what your wedding day should really be all about.

Planning a wedding can quickly turn stressful, expensive and emotionally overwhelming. But apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong. Well, if a viral video online is anything to go by.

One person online has shared a wholesome demonstration of true love in a snippet of their loved-up parents wedding video.

Reddit user Starstufft posted the video in the thread, Made Me Smile, which has now been liked over 31,000 times and counting.

“My parents’ wedding. They were in LOVE love,” the caption on the video reads.

Bride runs away from groom in stills from a viral video online.
Before the groom could kiss this bride, she playfully darted off down the beach forcing him to chase after her. Photo: Reddit

The short clip shows a wedding video playing on TV of a pair at the altar saying their “I do’s” in front of family and friends. Suddenly, the bride quickly dashes off, running away from the ceremony before her groom has the chance to kiss her.

With a cheeky grin, she races down the beach as her groom playfully chases after her across the sand before the pair embrace and share an affectionate first kiss as husband and wife.

Reddit users touched by 'endearing' video

The beautiful video has sent Reddit users into a spin over how pure, wholesome and fun the couple's special day really was, without the need for an elaborate ceremony or embellished reception.

“THIS is more precious than worrying about the perfect dress, venue, food, etc. They made it their own instead of trying to fit a mould. Beautiful,” one person commented on the loving video.


Others added that it was “endearing” to see such a playful bride who was simply excited to marry the man she loved without worrying about her dress getting ruined or posing for the perfect picture.

Bride running down the beach as groom chases after her.
The groom playfully chased his bride down the beach for their first kiss. Photo: Reddit

“Those are honestly the kind of couples that make it through. Too many people think they want a marriage when really they want a wedding,” one person wrote.

“The people in attendance barely responded when they took off. Like everybody just knew, that's how they are, which indicates an intimate affair filled with love and understanding. Super awesome,” commented another.

'Most perfect wedding video ever'

The popular video may have even sparked a new wedding trend for 2024, with a significant number of people commenting on how much they cared for each other and their marriage rather than the wedding itself.

One person called it the “most perfect wedding video they have ever seen!” while another said “That's what I imagine when I hear the word "love." Truly beautiful video!”

Runaway bride viral video
Reddit users are calling the adorable moment their 'favourite video in the internet'. Photo: Reddit

“This made me ugly cry. Love is so beautiful. They will love in many different lifetimes,” another wrote.

But the one thing everyone wanted to know is whether the pair are still together today. A family relative of the pair confirmed that the two are indeed still married.

Meanwhile, others likened it to an important life lesson about marriage that can sometimes be overlooked during the wedding planning process.

“You can’t catch love. Both people have to come together to make it happen,” one person said of the video.

“They just don’t make love like this anymore!” said another.

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