Uber driver's surprise at picking up her date with another woman

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When it comes to dating, it's never pleasant to discover that there's someone else involved in a relationship that you assumed was exclusive.

But imagine if that 'someone else' hopped right into the back of your car — with the person you thought you were dating in tow.

Screenshots of a TikTok video by a young woman with dark hair. Photo: TikTok/jword444.
A TikTok user has revealed how she busted her date with another woman. Photo: TikTok/jword444.

Uber awkward

That's exactly what happened to a US woman called Jen, who took to TikTok to regale her followers of a tale that's equal parts cringeworthy and outrageous.

Jen, who goes by @jword444 on the video-sharing platform, is a casual Uber driver who got the surprise of her life when she picked up a man she'd been dating who was on a night out with another woman.

"When you decide to stay in on a Friday, drive for Uber, and your man gets in the back seat with another girl," she captioned her initial video which has since gone viral.

The clip has racked up 3.1 million views with countless TikTok users dying to find out more about Jen's awkward Uber drive.


Screenshots of a TikTok video by a young woman with dark hair. Photo: TikTok/jword444.
Uber driver Jen picked up a man she was dating while he was on a night out with someone else. Photo: TikTok/jword444.

She obliged by posting several updates where she unpacks the dramatic details of the days following Friday night's fateful encounter.

Taking to TikTok the following Monday, Jen explained that she had recently met this man on the dating app Hinge and while they weren't officially dating she said that "things were going well" between the pair.

Jen said that he had introduced her to his friends, which unbeknownst to her at the time included the woman he would later join in Jen's Uber.

"But things were relatively new," she said in the video. "I had asked him what he was doing this weekend because I wanted to hang out and he said he was going to a sports game with a buddy on Friday but we could hang out on Saturday."

To earn some extra cash, Jen decided to do a few hours Uber-ing when she received a pick-up request from a female customer.

Phone based GPS in a car.
She immediately recognised the male Uber customer as her Hinge date. Photo: Getty Images.

'More than friends'

The woman looked familiar to Jen as she got in the back seat on the passenger side but with everyone wearing face masks it was hard to tell.

Then, a male passenger slides into the back seat right behind Jen and she immediately recognises him as her Hinge date.

"I look in the rearview mirror and we make eye contact and that's when we both knew," she recalled. "I knew it was him, he knew it was me."

After a silent ride, Jen drops the couple off at the sporting venue but within five minutes she gets a call from her supposed beau who apologises profusely.

They agree to meet up over a drink the following night, and Jen asks him point-blank if he has a 'thing' with this other woman. He says no.

On Sunday, Jen is with friends at a local bar 'debriefing' about the whole situation when the waitress, who is also a friend, reveals that the woman from Jen's Uber is just across the bar.

The waitress happens to also be friends with this mystery woman, who Jen's date assures her is 'just a friend' of his.

"I said to the waitress that I felt bad because I know they're just friends and it wasn't what I thought it was, and she goes 'What do you mean they're just friends?'" Jen recalls.

"The waitress tells me they're definitely more than friends, and I'm like 'Ohhhh'," she adds.

Realising that she'd been lied to, Jen asks that her Hinge date join her at the bar for a little chat. The result was a tad anticlimactic, to say the least.

"He came clean and there was nothing else to say really," said Jen.

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