Teary TikTok user's 'embarrassing' dating attempt goes viral

A woman has captivated TikTok users with her solo dating adventures which see her attempt to meet new people without relying on dating apps.

Angelica, who goes by the username @angelicaexplainsitall, has been documenting her efforts to make new friends by going out to bars and pubs alone in a series of videos.

A screenshot of a woman with brown hair crying in a bathroom in a TikTok video. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.
A TikTok user has ended up in tears after attempting her first 'solo date'. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.

The 29-year-old appears to have recently moved to Philadelphia in the US and is challenging herself to find pals - and potentially a new romance - by quite literally putting herself out there.

"This year I am going to go the full year without using any dating apps," Angelica declared in 'episode one' of her 'Solo Night Out' series.

"However, I still want to meet people so tonight it’s Friday, I am gonna go out by myself," she added in the clip which has attracted 1.4 million views.

After getting dressed up, an enthusiastic Angelica headed out to her first bar. Unfortunately, she didn't have much luck striking up conversations with strangers so she moved on to the next spot.

"OK that didn’t go well and was a little embarrassing," she said after leaving a bar. "I’m gonna see if I can find another place to go."


A screenshot of a woman with brown hair wearing a black crop top and jeans in a TikTok video. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.
Angelica has pledged to meet new people without using dating apps. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.

'That was embarrassing'

In her next update, which was filmed from a pub bathroom, it was clear that things weren't going as planned and Angelica was visibly upset.

"I don’t know what I thought, like, I genuinely thought I was going to meet people," she said through tears. "The jazz bar was too crowded, there wasn’t even anywhere to sit. I am going to go again and keep trying but that was really hard."

Her fellow TikTok users have flooded the comments section with praise and support for taking on such a 'brave' challenge.

"This is actually remarkably brave. I’m sorry the night didn’t end the way you wanted but am genuinely proud of you for trying," wrote one.

"My first solo night out I had the EXACT same experience. Cried as soon as I got home and felt so alone. We’re so conditioned to be in groups," recalled another.

"This is so hard but very healthy. You already took The hardest step now you just have to find the right places and trust me there are right places," praised a third.

A screenshot of a list of dating ideas with an inset photo of a woman with brown hair in a TikTok video. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.
Angelica came up with a list of 'solo dating' categories. Photo: TikTok/angelicaexplainsitall.

In a subsequent video, Angelica reflected on her first solo dating expedition and decided what she was and wasn't going to try next time.

First, she said she would be setting a clear intention for the night, which she didn't do the first time around.

"I went out thinking I was going to meet people but I also I went out thinking I was going to enjoy my own company and those are two conflicting ideas," she said.

She'd also make sure to take care of all those things that she'd normally expect her date to do - such as making reservations and having a plan - so that she's actually free to relax and enjoy her night out on her own.

"If I happen to meet people and I happen to have conversations then I get to decide if I want to spend time with them," she explained.

Angelica said she intends to widen her scope to include all those places and outings such as restaurants and theatres that she'd normally avoid unless she was going on a date with someone else.

"I don't want the feeling of not having anyone to go do these things with stop me from doing these things."

She finished up by saying that just because her first attempt 'ended in tears' doesn't mean she was sad just that it wasn't as she expected it.

"I'm going to do it again," she said.

Angelica later compiled her own 'solo date categories' that grouped outings and activities by difficulty. 'Level one' solo dates included going to a coffee shop or a library while 'level six' dates such as festivals and holidays were more challenging to tackle alone.

"I am probably at level three. I can do level three pretty easy but level four not quite," she revealed.

According to her latest TikTok video, Angelica has since taken herself on a solo lunch date and intends to go on one intentional solo outing a week.

TikTok's solo dating tips

Other TikTok users shared their own tips and tricks for going solo at a variety of venues and events:

"My recommendation is to become a regular somewhere. Get to know the bartenders. That’s always how I do it and it works."

"Bring a journal when you go, and write down how you’re feeling at the time. It’ll give you something to do at the bar & help work through the feelings."

"I used to do this all the time! Dressing approachable is super important and never sit at a table, always sit at the bar."

"Here’s a tip! Go somewhere nice during the day time with a book or computer! It’s more chill and people are more receptive!"

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