Woman shares shock response from date on TikTok: 'Still on your sofa'

A woman has shared her embarrassment after receiving a surprising test message the morning after going on a Tinder date.

TikToker Zoe shared a video on her account @zoechappers revealing the shock response she got from the man after she texted him to say 'thanks for a good night'.

Zoe date shock on TikTok
Zoe revealed the shock response she got from her date. Photo: TikTok

"When I had a tinder date stay over & got so drunk I text him saying thanks for a good night and he replies I'm still on your sofa, I put you to bed," she wrote on the video.

Commenting on the video, Zoe said she had forgotten he was there because of drinking "too much wine" and ended up embarrassed when she had to walk downstairs to face him the next morning.

"I've learnt from mistakes I've made and I put myself in silly situations this was a while ago and I wouldn't do it again," she added in another comment.


Exhausted young man came home after work flopped down on sofa.
Plenty praised the man for being 'respectful'. Photo: Getty

Plenty of people were impressed with her date's 'respectful' behaviour, with some even wondering whether Zoe had seen him again.

"Tbh respect to him for staying on the sofa and not your bed. Not many men would do the same," one person wrote.

While another asked: "Please tell me you're having a 2nd date and plan on keeping him?"

But Zoe responded saying, "This was a while ago we dated for a bit but we went our separate ways in the end haha."

It comes after another woman shared a slightly more shocking discovery on TikTok after asking a date to leave her house.

TikToker Lulu shared the tale to her account @notsimpqueen7 explaining that her Hinge date had used two of her 'favourite' lipsticks to write on her toilet seat, adding that she had "bad vibes", and joking in the caption that her "weirdo radar was spot on".

"Kicked out a hinge date within 15 minutes of meeting him because of bad vibes and he asked to use the bathroom before leaving," she wrote on the video.

In the clip red writing can be seen on the underside of her toilet seat, with the word 'RUN' written in capital letters.

"He also wrote his phone number on the seat??"

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