How to spot a cheater, according to a psychologist

A psychologist has revealed one way you might be able to tell whether or not your partner is cheating on you.

In a video on Instagram, Daniel Acorn explained there is "one psychological secret" to look out for when it comes to working out if your other half is being unfaithful.

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Are there ways of spotting a cheating partner? Photo: Getty

"Disclaimer, this only works if you haven't broken their trust. Otherwise they might be justified in how they feel about you," he said initially, before sharing a potentially huge red flag.

"So if you're dating someone and they start accusing you of cheating, or they're worried that you're talking to other people without any evidence, it usually means that they're cheating and you're talking to other people.

"They're just worried that you're doing the same thing."


Daniel explained in psychology this behaviour is called "projection".

"People tend to project what's inside of them onto other people," he added.

Daniel Acorn psychological secret to spotting a cheater
Daniel Acorn explained there is "one psychological secret" to look out. Photos: Instagram/Daniel Acorn

A few people disagreed with him, with many pointing out this wouldn't always be the case.

"Not really. What if someone has anxiety and fear of abandonment," one person asked.

"This is not true! I was accusing my ex and I never talked to anyone but him and I never cheated," another said.

Others however definitely agreed it was a sign to look out for.

"As the saying goes, 'Guilty dogs bark the loudest,'" one person wrote.

"My ex, spot on. And he was, and he did for years," another person revealed.

Earlier this year, Married At First Sight's expert John Aiken shared his top signs to look out for if you have a suspicion they might be cheating on you.

"Firstly, a change in behaviour - are they now going to work and spending later nights there? Have they started to go the gym?" John explained to 9Honey in March. "What about the way in which they're getting about with different circles of friends? Look out for their behaviour.

"Secondly - have they become secretive? That is, they're hiding their phone of they've changed the passwords. You don't know where they're going, their whereabouts now, they're kind of vague on it.

"And thirdly, consistency. This is something that's got to be going on for several months, rather than just a couple of weeks. If you've got these issues and you're sitting there and you're seeing these three areas really as red flags, then you've got a problem. Your partner is probably having an affair."

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