Tyra Banks Discussed Her Natural Hair With Grays And Her Use Of Wigs

A few months after turning 50, Tyra Banks spoke about having gray hair underneath her wigs.

Tyra Banks stands posing in a black lace-sleeved coat-dress and heels against a logo backdrop
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The former Dancing with the Stars host has long been candid about having "worn weaves, and wigs, and pieces" since she was a teenager. In 2021, she wrote on Instagram, "Some take a chill pill. I take a wig break."

"I remember back in the day that gray hair was like, oh, you just hid that. You did not show that; that was a no-no," Tyra said in a new interview with People. "Now I see women saying, 'I am gray. And not only is that okay, it's amazing, it's beautiful.'"

Tyra Banks posing in a black lace outfit with hands on hips against a SiriusXM backdrop
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The supermodel cited Sarah Jessica Parker and Andie MacDowell as two people with "popping" and "amazing" gray hair. She continued, "I have on fake hair right now, and my fake hair doesn't have gray hair in it, but my real hair does."

Closeup of Tyra Banks
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Tyra further said that she does not dye her natural hair, saying, "I walk around town with my natural cornrows, with my gray edges tamed with a little baby hair juice, but not with dye."

Adding that she "could not wait to be 50," Tyra said, "I'm very, very fortunate to have a mom that was not obsessed with aging in a negative way. She has gray hair, she loves her gray hair. She wishes she had more gray hair. And so I think it taught me to not fear getting older. I don't fear that. I see it as a privilege, and I think it's because of my mama." Indeed, Tyra showed her real hair on Instagram as recently as February.

Release the grays, Tyra! You can read the full interview here.