TV host, 61 divides fans with revealing string bikini: 'Awful choice'

TV host Carol Vorderman, 61, has sparked debate after sharing a sultry bikini snap.

The star showed off her toned physique in a revealing Union Jack swimsuit on Instagram, with some fans labelling her as 'too old'.

Two photos of Carol Vorderman wearing a skimpy union jack bikini and short denim shorts
Some of Carol Vorderman's fans couldn't believe she was 61 in her bikini snap. Photo: Instagram/carolvorders

Carol chose to wear an 'amazing' skimpy top covered in sequins with a pair of tiny denim shorts.

The former Countdown host also shared her fitness secrets by showing off her 10kg kettlebell and weights station.

“Evening. Just a bit hooked on a new stretching regime and kettlebell workouts…doesn’t take much to keep me happy eh?!

“I’m still flying the flag in spite of the current economic nightmare going on in the country…!!!” she wrote in the caption.


Fans were quick to praise her 'incredible' figure with many saying she looked much younger than 61.

“Wow Carol, you’ve got the body of a 20-year-old,” one person wrote.

“Are you trying to break the internet woman?” asked a second.

“You gotta be the hottest cougar out here,” another chimed in.

“Carol, you go girl, looking incredible as always,” wrote a fourth.

L: 10kg kettlebell on a wooden floor. R: Carol Vorderman in a union jack bikini in front of her weight station
The TV host showed off her weights station and her 10kg kettlebell. Photo: Instagram/carolvorders

However, not everybody was kind in the comments — with some saying she was 'too old' to wear such a revealing outfit.

“Why do you feel the need to show your breasts all the time? It’s so unnecessary,” a fan said.

“Awful choice of attire,” agreed another.

“Why show your cleavage in pics that way…what age are you ffs,’ remarked a third.

The star doesn’t let negative feedback affect her and often posts bikini snaps.

She recently finished a stint at a juice, yoga and fitness retreat, and shared a photo of herself in a triangle leopard bikini top.

Carol Vorderman takes a mirror selfie in a tiny leopard bikini with denim shorts
The TV host loves to share bikini snaps on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/carolvorders

She revealed she had dropped more than a dress size during her stay at the retreat and was "bursting with energy".

"I haven't been into these shorts for a few years and now they're loose. Boommmm," the British host wrote.

Her followers praised the TV host for her incredible figure at the age of 61, with many saying she looked "amazing".

"You look INCRED!" one said.

"You look absolutely amazing !! You're an inspiration to us all," another commented.

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