Today exposes hosts' surprising antics during ad break: 'Grow up'

Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon have left fans in stitches after the breakfast show’s Instagram page posted a video of them dancing during a commercial break.

The clip, which has racked up tens of thousands of views since it was posted earlier this week, shows the co-hosts standing in silence before Karl starts to shake the lower half of his body.

Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon dance.
The breakfast show’s Instagram account shared a video of Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon dancing during a commercial break.

“Jiggle it, just a little bit,” he sings in the tune of the 1990 song ‘Wiggle It’ by 2 In A Room.

Ally then joins in on the singing and dancing, before the pair turn in opposite directions and shake their behinds at one another.

“That was us um… What’s that thing you do? I was twerking,” Ally says with a laugh.

“You can’t even say it,” Karl adds, to which she replies, “Definitely can’t do it!”


While the dance break happened off-air, Today posted the video on Instagram alongside the caption: “Sorry guys but what happens in the ad breaks doesn't always stay in the ad breaks!”

Followers were clearly divided in the comments, with one person telling Karl to “grow up” while another said the impromptu moment was “hilarious”.

“A little jiggle jiggle never hurt anyone! Love y’all. We’re going to miss you @allisonlangdon!” someone else wrote.

“Ya won’t be doing that on ACA,” a different user joked about Ally’s upcoming TV gig, followed by another who asked: “Karl, what are you doing with those hands?”

“Oh how we are going to miss you Ally you are such a fresh breath of air,” one fan replied. “Your laughter, your mischievous sense of humour and that rapport with Karl is just gold. Rest assured we will all be tuning into ACA as we always do. Take care and enjoy your next phase of your beautiful life.”

Ally announced as new ACA host

Following months of speculation, Ally was finally announced as the new host of A Current Affair on Sunday evening. Channel Nine shared the news that Ally, who has been hosting the network’s breakfast program for the past three years, will step into her new role on Monday, January 30, 2023.

“It is such an incredible honour to be joining the A Current Affair team. A show I love, respect and have been watching since I was in school and Jana Wendt was host,” Ally said in a statement.

“I won't lie – it's daunting to be stepping into the role that Tracy has so brilliantly navigated for the past 17 years, with such warmth and compassion. I hope to bring my own warmth and compassion to the show as we continue to tell great stories that matter to our amazing viewers.”


Ally went on to add that she understands it will be “a big change” for both the show’s audience and herself.

“There is great sadness at leaving my brilliant Today Show family, in particular my co-host Karl, who has made these past three years so wonderful and fun, although I won't miss that 3am alarm!” she continued. “Instead, I'll enjoy being woken by the kids, walking them to school and daycare before ripping in at work.

“I love what A Current Affair is, and what it stands for. It's a show that is in my family's DNA, as it was for my father-in-law, the late Mike Willesee Snr, who started A Current Affair back in the early 70s. Each host has brought their own style to the show and I hope to do the same but at its core, A Current Affair is about those at home who tune in each night. It's their show, their stories we share, and injustices we help fight.”

Channel Nine also announced that 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo will replace Ally on Today, officially joining the team on Monday, January 16, 2023.

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