Today's Karl Stefanovic loses it over nudist beach live cross

Today co-host Karl Stefanovic couldn't contain a fit of the giggles live on air.

He’s known as a cheeky larrikin on Today, and Karl Stefanovic certainly lived up to his persona on Wednesday morning when he lost it over a nudist beach segment on the show.

The 48-year-old couldn’t contain a fit of the giggles after noticing that reporter, Mia Glover, was wearing a trench coat during her live cross from Alexandria Beach on the Gold Coast, an “unofficial nudist beach” for the best part of several decades.

Mia took to the sandy shores on Wednesday to report on a crackdown on nudity after police fined several people for wilful exposure in early April.

Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo
Karl Stefanovic lost it over a segment on the Today show. Photo: Channel 9

“It even hosted the nude Olympics for six decades, can you believe it?” Mia said.

Karl was left in tears after she awkwardly attempted to relay an incident at the beach in family-friendly language.

“There was also one gentleman who was there … who was, I don’t know how to say this on air … maybe giving himself a bit of a treat nearby to some other people on the beach,” she said.


“He was fined as well.”

Karl’s co-host, Sarah Abo, then pointed out Ms Glover’s timely choice of apparel.

“Looks like you’re ready for it there with your jacket,” she said.

“My trench coat?” Glover responded, leaving Karl cackling.

Locals refer to Alexandria Beach as 'A-Bay'. Picture:
Locals refer to Alexandria Beach as 'A-Bay'. Picture:
Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo
Karl couldn't contain a fit of the giggles. Photo: Channel 9

“It’s the jacket du jour for nudists around the world,” he said.

“An easy disguise,” Mia replied.

Mia also pointed out that upon her arrival at the Noosa Heads beach, an appropriately named swim club was on scene.

“There was actually a swim club by the name of Cold Nips that was jumping in the water, so very timely indeed that we’re talking about this,” she said.

While community members seemed to have mixed feelings about the crackdown, one local said it was only “some idiots” who ruined it for everyone.

In another segment, Sarah Abo caused a stir when she said “law-abiding nudists have their swords at the ready for the law-breaking nudists”.

Sarah herself was heard chuckling at what she had just said, saying: “That’s a bit cheeky”.

“I did read this thinking maybe there’s a reason why Karl spends so much time in Queensland,” guest, Senator Matt Canavan, could be heard saying in the background.

Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo sitting on the Today couch
Later in the show, Karl made a bizarre comment about parenting. Photo: Channel 9

Karl's bizarre comment on-air

Karl also shocked his co-hosts on Wednesday morning when he made a bizarre comment during a discussion about ‘baby brain’.

Karl and his co-host Sarah Abo were talking about the science behind the phenomenon with medical expert Dr Nick Coatsworth when he brought up a recent segment on Neil Mitchell’s radio show.

“The fascinating part of this interview with Neil the other day was that this latest study actually said that when men had their behaviour analysed and also shots of the brain, when they were the majority parent in terms of looking after the kids their testosterone levels actually came down,” he detailed.


This research comes from Northwestern University and the University of San Carlos, who did a study with 600 men and discovered that testosterone levels were lower in men who spent the greatest amount of time caring for their children.

Sarah burst into laughter when Karl relayed Neil's theory that this study proves men who look after their children are “emasculated”.

“Sorry, I thought you were having a baby brain moment just then Karl,” she remarked.

Dr Coatsworth also shut Karl down and said he didn’t agree with Neil’s theory.

“I don’t agree with Neil on a few things and that’s another one to the list,” he replied.

After seeing the disapproving looks from his co-hosts, Karl persisted. “Everyone’s shaking their head!” he said. “Come on, it makes sense!”

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