Today's Karl Stefanovic loses it over Brooke Boney's on-air quip

Karl Stefanovic absolutely lost it on the Today show desk after Brooke Boney's comment.

Karl Stefanovic absolutely lost it on the Today show on Tuesday, after Brooke Boney made a quip live on-air.

Brooke was presenting a segment about what appeared to be a young kid riding through a busy intersection in Adelaide on an electric scooter, where speed limits are up to 90km.

Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo
Karl Stefanovic was left in fits of laughter on the Today show. Photo: Channel Nine

Nine News Adelaide reporter, Tom Rehn, said while it’s hard to tell, the child looked to be about 10-years-old and police are investigating the incident.

Panning back to the studio, Brooke said to Tom: “Yeah, pretty dangerous situation. It would be a bit unfortunate if it was just a very small man though Tom.”


Brooke’s off-the-cuff comment was enough to set Karl Stefanovic off, with the host heard howling with laughter in the background.

Brooke Boney on Today
Brooke Boney made a quip about what appeared to be a child on an electric scooter. Photo: Channel Nine
Child on an electric scooter in Adelaide
The child can be seen crossing a busy intersection in Adelaide. Photo: Channel Nine

While Brooke tried to continue with her segment, Karl’s laugh boomed over her, with the star left in stitches over the comment.

“Well we don’t know for sure that it is a kid. It could just be, it could be a tiny person, tiny adult,” Brooke continued.

Sarah's blunder sees Karl lose it

Last month, Karl’s co-host Sarah Abo made a hilarious blunder live on-air.

while reporting about the hazardous weather in Melbourne that stopped planes from landing and taking off from the airport.

During the segment, Sarah accidentally said “flog” instead of “fog”.

“Breaking news from Melbourne, all flights in and out of the airport have been delayed or cancelled as thick flog blankets the city,” she told viewers.

Today show hosts
The Today desk of hosts couldn't compose themselves. Photo: Channel Nine

While Sarah appeared to be unaware of her mistake and continued her report, Brooke interrupted and asked, “Thick what, Sarah?”

“Thick fog,” she replied. “Fog, fog.”

Karl was then shown laughing at Sarah’s gaffe as she attempted to make a joke about the awkward slip-up.

“There are some, you know,” she laughed, before adding, “No I won’t go there actually.”

“That would be quite a hazard, is all I’m going to say,” Brooke remarked.

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