Karl Stefanovic stuns fans with 'hot' throwback snaps: 'Oh my god!'

The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic has left fans stunned after sharing a series of "hot" throwback photos to TikTok.

The 48-year-old took part in the 'Teenage Dirtbag' TikTok trend where you share throwback photos of yourself from your teenage years, usually to make fun of yourself.

Today Show's Karl Stefanovic shocked fans with 'hot' throwback photos, with many stunned to discover he was handsome as a young man. Photo: Nine
Today Show's Karl Stefanovic shocked fans with 'hot' throwback photos, with many stunned to discover he was handsome as a young man. Photo: Nine

The host shared a series of vintage snaps of himself as a teen including one from his school formal, one with long hair, another in a baseball uniform and another where his shirt was unbuttoned most of the way down.

"My teenage dirtbag pictures," the caption read.

"Was not expecting that," one user wrote with a heart eyes emoji.


"Looks like the MAFS shoey guy, Al [Perkins]," another pointed out, while someone else compared him to a young Tom Cruise.

"Damn, Karl was hot!" a third wrote, while a fourth agreed, adding, "My jaw DROPPED."

"BRB, building a time machine," another joked.

"I just spat my coffee out," someone else added.

Young Karl Stefanovic
Viewers joked that their jaws dropped when they saw the photos of a young Karl. Photo: Tiktok/TheTodayShow

"He looks like trouble," one person wrote with a laughing emoji.

"That brown unbuttoned shirt sold me," another user added.

Many others simply commented, "Oh my God," while others were surprised by their sudden attraction to the host.

It comes after Karl's formal photo was recently shared on his birthday, with the host making a surprising admission.

Karl Stefanovic formal photo
Some said Karl looked like MAFS star Al Perkins, while others said he looked like a young Tom Cruise. Photo: Tiktok/TheTodayShow

"I managed to dig out Karl's formal photo... Look how handsome he is!" Brooke Boney shared last week.

"That was Nola, g'day Nola!" Karl said of the girl in the photo, adding, "She only agreed to come on the day of the formal, because I couldn't get a date!"

"Aw, but why, look, you were so cute back then!" co-host Allison Langdon said.

"You look like a cute couple," Brooke agreed.

"I wasn't really into chicks, you know?" Karl said, not realising how it sounded.

Ally and Brooke were surprised by the admission, with Karl immediately realising what he'd said.

"What?" Brooke laughed.

Karl attempted to explain himself but was laughing too hard, "I mean... I mean... I was into sport!"

"Oh my God," he managed to add through the laughter.

"I mean, whatever works!" Ally told him. "Whatever you want!"

"No judgement," Brooke added.

"I feel like there have been some real revelations at the desk this morning, I hope Jas isn't at home watching," Brooke added of Karl's wife Jasmine Yarbrough.

"She's already texted and she's not that surprised," Ally quipped.

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