Today's Karl Stefanovic called out for 'disgusting' moment live on air

The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic left co-host Allison Langdon shocked on Monday morning over a 'disgusting' moment live on air.

The hosts were interviewing The Block's Mark and Mitch, with the pair offering Karl Mitch's teddy bear named Willy.

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon
Today's Karl Stefanovic was called out live on air by Allison Langdon for a 'disgusting' moment during an interview with stars of The Block. Photo: Nine

"I've got something for you Karl!" Mitch said of his NSFW-sounding gift. "Karl, during the season of The Block, I had my Willy, Mitch's Willy with me everywhere. And Karl, I wanted to put my Willy into your hands, so he's there for you now."

"Well, I can think of nothing better," Karl said while keeping a straight face.


While the men continued with jokes about Willy the bear, Ally noticed something on Karl's tie.

"Hang on! More to the point, what's on your tie?" Ally said, somewhat shocked. "What is on your tie? What is that?"

It all seemed like a little too much for Karl, who got flustered and ended the chat with Mitch and Mark, before turning his attention to Ally.

Ally points at Karl's tie
Ally interrupted the conversation, pointing out the fact Karl had something on his tie. Photo: Nine
Mushroom on Karl's tie
Karl then told Ally that it appeared to be mushroom, while she joked that it had come from his nose. Photo: Nine

"Umm Ally, it does look like a piece of small mushroom," he told her.

"OK, not from your nose?" Ally said seriously.

"Oh, Ally! That's disgusting!" Karl responded.

"I don't know, that looks gross - that's disgusting. It doesn't need to stay there all morning," she added.

The pair then began arguing with each other over who was more 'disgusting', before Karl added once again, "It's just a mushroom!"

He then began attempting to flick it onto his co-host, with Ally telling him, "Don't flick it in my direction," through laughter.

Karl then joked, "Oh Ally, it's on your face now!"

Karl flicks mushroom onto Ally
He then began attempting to flick it onto his co-host. Photo: Nine

It comes after the pair was slammed online for mocking Meghan Markle after a video of the Duchess of Sussex was released of her reading aloud her children's book The Bench.

"For the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump," Meghan read seriously in the clip.

News reporter Alex Cullen quickly broke out in laughter, saying, "Sorry! It's very hard to keep a straight face!"

"Why is it difficult to keep a straight face, Alex? It's a lovely story," Ally teased him.

"As we always say, pump-pump," Karl quipped, causing Ally to laugh and sing lyrics from the 1989 song 'Pump Up The Jam', saying, "Up the jam!"

However, some Twitter users were unimpressed by the sledges with one user writing, "What is Karl Stefanovic's problem. His hatred of Meghan is absolutely ridiculous and his behaviour on the air is bullying and unprofessional."

Someone else compared Karl to Piers Morgan, who is known for his commentary of the royal couple.

"Karl is pretty much mini Piers on anything Meghan or Harry," they wrote.

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