Today's Karl Stefanovic unearths hilarious throwback snap of Ally Langdon: 'I hate you!'

Karl Stefanovic pulled off the ultimate prank on Tuesday morning with the 46-year-old sharing an old photo of co-host Allison Langdon, 42, which she was not expecting to see.

The mother-of-two was clearly mortified by the photo and attempted to have it taken off the screen.

The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon
The Today Show's Karl Stefanovic shocked co-host Ally Langdon after unearthing some old photos of her. Photo: Nine

"I feel like I have something to add here, and it's a special present to the nation on this Census Day," Karl began. "We all know in television, we all have promotional shots taken, over the years there have been some really terrific ones taken of all of us at various times."

"So, I managed to dig up with some of my mates in the Northern Territory, a promo shot of Ally when she was reading the news up there. And folks, this is my present to you."


As soon as the photo showed up on the screen, Ally yelled, "No!" and began hitting Karl with a balloon, adding, "I hate you!"

Today's entertainment presenter Brooke Boney and newsreader Alex Cullen also burst into laughter, with Ally yelling, "Stop it!"

Ally Langdon promotional shot
The photo shocked Ally when it appeared on-screen. Photo: Nine

"She looks like she's in a Quentin Tarantino movie!" Brooke quipped.

"It's the best shot ever," Karl added, joking the man in the snap must have been "the weather guy".

"I'm so mad," Allison told them. "Not happy, Jan. This is my angry stance... wait until the cameras stop rolling, Karl."

"That was the best stitch-up ever," Karl added with David Campbell asking if they could get it framed.

While Karl is managing to have some fun at work, he recently admitted to being "over" the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Ally, Karl and Brooke on set of Today
Ally attempted to get producers to take the photo down and began hitting Karl with balloons. Photo: Nine

"I'm sorry, I know I'm supposed to be on breakfast TV and all happy and stuff, but it's just not a happy time," he told viewers.

"And I want to go to the [MCG], I want to have three meat pies and 45 schooners and watch the AFL grand final.

"I don't want to see it moved to Perth. I want games back at the [MCG], I want normal life. I'm really upset."

Karl's outburst came after Victoria entered its 6th lockdown, enforcing strict stay-at-home orders, just nine days after residents were released from the previous lockdown. NSW is currently in its seventh week of lockdown.

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