Today hosts shock with Prince Charles roast: ‘Pompous, privileged’

Today hosts surprised viewers on Tuesday morning when roasting Prince Charles for his efforts to combat the climate crisis, calling him “pompous” and “privileged”.

The Prince of Wales recently revealed to BBC that his Aston Martin, which was gifted to him by Queen Elizabeth II on his 21st birthday, runs on “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process”.

Karl Stefanovic and Prince Charles.
The Today hosts roasted Prince Charles on-air. Photos: Channel Nine

Charles had the car’s fuel source changed in 2008 to bioethanol, which is simply ethanol made from plants or food products, in an effort to reduce his carbon footprint.

The BBC interview was met with a mixed response from the Today hosts, with Allison Langdon calling the 72-year-old “a man of the people”.

“He’s giving back to the environment,” Karl Stefanovic added.


News and sports presenter Alex Cullen, however, was less impressed with the royal’s decision.

“He’s relatable, is that what you’re going to try and tell me?” he asked. “With an Aston Martin that runs on wine and cheese? Pompous, privileged, peanuts.”

While Allison was visibly shocked at his response, Karl was quick to reply: “No, it’s not peanuts, it’s cheese.”

Today hosts.
Allison Langdon was shocked by Alex Cullen’s opinion. Photo: Channel Nine

Since the on-air moment was posted on social media, viewers have shared their opinions on Prince Charles’ lifestyle choice.

“He has been a climate change advocate for many decades,” one person commented, while another added, “He’s always been outspoken about the environment”.

While some people joked that there’s “no surplus wine in Australia”, others sided with Alex and called Charles “out of touch”.

“The Prince needs to stay in his lane!” someone wrote, followed by a different user who labelled the video as “privileged entitlement”.

“And to think the British worry about the Meghan/Harry debacle being the end of the monarchy. God help it when this fool hits the throne,” one viewer shared.

The discussion comes shortly after the Today hosts shared their opinions on Domino's newest pizza creation - Vegemite and Cheese - and disagreed on the best way to enjoy it.

“You couldn't go the pan [base] you'd have to have the thin 'n' crispy,” Karl remarked.

“Not necessarily,” Ally replied. “You’ve just got to watch how much Vegemite. That is the key. Why couldn't you go pan for Vegemite?”

“Because it's too much. Too much dough,” he said, before joking, “It's been a while since Ally got Domino’s though. Not really a woman of the people.”

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