Today hosts Karl and Ally clash over Dominos new Vegemite pizza: 'Too much'

Today show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon have shared their thoughts on Domino's newest pizza creation - Vegemite and Cheese - disagreeing on how best to try the new treat.

Newsreader Alex Cullen could barely hide his excitement over the launched as he introduced the new pizza during a segment on the breakfast program, saying: "Oh I've been waiting for this!"

today show karl stefanovic and allison langdon
Karl was eager to try the new Vegemite Pizza. Photo: Channel Nine

"Get outta town!" was Karl's response, before he mulled it over a bit more. "You couldn't go the pan [base] you'd have to have the thin 'n' crispy."


"Not necessarily," Ally disagreed. "You've just got to watch how much Vegemite. That is the key."

"Why couldn't you go pan for Vegemite?" Ally then threw back at Karl.

"Because it's too much. Too much dough," he replied, before he joked: "It's been a while since Ally got Dominos though. Not really a woman of the people."

While Karl and Alex burst out laughing, Ally pretended to wind up her finger in response.

today show karl and ally
Karl and Ally clashed while debating the new Vegemite Pizza. Photo: Channel Nine

Domino's shared the news it had partnered with Vegemite to launch a Cheesy Vegemite Pizza this week sending fans into a spin.

In January, Domino's Australia took a Facebook poll, asking fans whether they'd give a Vegemite pizza a go and the post received over 12K comments.

Dominos vegemite and cheese pizza
Domino's has partnered with Vegemite for the limited edition pizza. Photo: Dominos

"There's something so quintessentially Aussie about a Vegemite and cheese pizza, and we're excited to be able to offer this unique combination to customers right here at home," Domino's ANZ chief marketing officer Adam Ballesty said, after they first tested the waters by partnering with a New York pizzeria to launch a Vegemite Margherita.

But you'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on it. Domino's Cheesy Vegemite Pizza will be available for three weeks only, or until sold, at stores nationwide for $7.95 pick-up.

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