Today show's Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon roast Victoria Beckham

Today show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon have roasted former Spice Girl and fashion icon Victoria Beckham after taste-testing her favourite comfort food live on air.

Entertainment reporter Brooke Boney filled her colleagues in on the revelation that Victoria's favourite meal was simply salt on wholegrain toast on Friday, before handing out a slice for everyone on the panel to try.

today show hosts karl stefanovic and allison langdon
The Today show team tried salt on toast on air. Photo: Channel Nine

Allison was clearly not impressed after her first bite, pulling a disgusted face and exclaiming: "No wonder she's skinny!"

Her co-host Karl Stefanovic also seemed underwhelmed, comparing the 'treat' to dry Weet-Bix.

"It's like eating one of those Weet-Bix dry," he said, adding: "I've ran out of saliva."


Sports presenter Alex Cullen seemed to think it was "pretty good", while Brooke agreed it was "actually pretty yummy", likening the flavour combo to Vegemite on toast.

To which Allison exclaimed: "What planet do you live on?!"

Karl took one more swipe sarcastically saying: "She's a genius, that Victoria Beckham," before discarding his piece of toast.

today show brooke boney eating
Brooke thought the snack was 'pretty yummy'. Photo: Channel Nine
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham said she was a restaurant's 'worst nightmare'. Photo: Instagram

Victoria made the revelation while speaking to Ruth Rogers on the River Café's Table 4 podcast, admitting she was a restaurant's "worst nightmare", which sparked a flurry of reactions from her fans on Twitter.

It comes after Karl Stefanovic had already shared his brutally honest opinion on pop icon Madonna and her choice of clothing, saying earlier this week he thought she'd “completely lost the plot”.

Madonna recently spoke to the Associated Press about her upcoming biopic which was discussed on the Today show, before Karl gave a rather harsh critique of the 63-year-old superstar.

“Madonna has completely lost the plot, hasn’t she?” he said to his fellow panellists, to which Brooke Boney replied, “no comment”.

Karl continued sharing his thoughts, adding with a laugh: “I mean, did you see her outfit the other day?”

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