Today host Ally Langdon's awkward blunder with PM: 'Sucked in'

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Today host Allison Langdon was clearly battling a case of Friday-itis when she suffered an unfortunate slip-up while chatting with the PM.

The awkward blunder occurred when Ally brought up the cringeworthy moment US President Joe Biden forgot Scott Morrison's name during yesterday's press conference.

Today show host Allison Langdon makes a slip-up while interviewing Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Channel Nine.
Today show host Allison Langdon has suffered an awkward slip-up while interviewing Scott Morrison. Photo: Channel Nine.

In a failed effort to cover up his memory lapse, Biden referred to Morrison as "that fellow Down Under" after announcing a new defence pact between Australia, the US and the UK.

The president's 'brain fart,' as it was dubbed on Twitter, quickly went viral but Morrison played down the incident during his Today appearance.

"These things happen," he said. "I've been known from time to time to let a name slip from my memory."

Ally made to assure the PM that no such hiccup would occur on her watch — before putting her foot in it.

"Prime Minister, we never forget your show here on the Today show," she pledged.


Today show host Allison Langdon laughs with her co-host Karl Stefanovic. Photo: Channel Nine.
Ally covered her head with her show notes as her co-host Karl Stefanovic chuckled on. Photo: Channel Nine.

Realising her error, she quickly corrected herself but it hadn't gone unnoticed by her co-host, Karl Stefanovic.

"You just did!" Karl exclaimed as Ally attempted to hide behind her show notes. "Sucked in," Karl chuckled.

Mr Morrison was equally amused and couldn't resist taking a gentle swipe at the mum-of-two.

"It happens to us all doesn't it? Doesn't it pal," he said.

"You just got smoked by the PM," Karl told Ally.

After composing herself, Ally scrunched up her notes and jokingly said, "Mate it's Friday, I'm outta here!"

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