Today host's jab at bride who danced with iPad after groom missed wedding day

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A couple's wedding has gone viral after the bride was seen dancing with a mannequin with an iPad for a head that had a photo of the groom on it.

The groom came down with some severe food poisoning, but rather than cancelling the big day, the couple used a picture of him so he could be 'part of it'.

The Today Extra hosts
The Today Extra hosts have laughed at a bride from the US who danced with an iPad on a mannequin at her wedding while her husband was sick. Photo: Nine

The wedding venue, The Victorian, shared a TikTok video of bride Christine dancing with the mannequin with the caption: "When the groom suddenly becomes sick and goes to the hospital on [his] wedding day."

"He had severe food poisoning and is doing better now," they added.

Today Extra's David Campbell described the situation as "like Weekend at Bernie's" before asking panelist Jess Ridley, "Wouldn't you just cancel??"


"You can't!" she responded. "I mean that's the thing, you're going to lose, you know, that might have cost them 20 grand for that day. And what are you going to do unless there's a clause built-in - and I know a lot of couples around COVID the past 18 months have tried to build in clauses to their weddings - that you know, if a relative gets sick or the bride and groom gets sick, it's off.

"But what do you do? I mean, we've all had food poisoning. The only thing that would be any better than this guy on a trolley there is a hologram of him I think, but he was probably holding the toilet bowl for most of the day, I'd imagine."

The bride dances with mannequin
The bride was seen dancing with a mannequin with an iPad for a head that had a photo of the groom on it. Photo: TikTok/thevictorianyoungsville

"You can just imagine, 'You now may kiss the iPad!'" host Belinda Russell laughed before asking Tom Tilley what he thought of the situation and whether he thinks it's a good way to get out of a wedding.

"Hologram would have been the obvious go-to here, but this would be devastating to this bloke. He would have been saving up for this for ages and the weddings about the two of them. Not the guests," he said.

"I mean the guests are a big part of it, but it's really about them celebrating that love. I mean I would have been really pushing the doctor to give me everything he's got to get me out of hospital, like, 'You got anymore? That's not working. Okay, what about this?'"

David jumped in, joking, "It makes me think about what's going to happen on the wedding night."

Jess then added that the groom did try to get out of hospital, but they wouldn't let him.

The groom actually commented on the TikTok video, writing: "Groom here! Huge thank you to The Victorian. This was our third attempt at a 'Covid' wedding.

"Due to other attempts and hospital regulations and hopes for me returning to the ceremony, I wanted her to stay with her friends and family."

Belinda said they should have tried harder to get him in there: "Wheel him in on a hospital bed with a drip!"

"Have the ceremony in the hospital, at least!" Tom added.

TikTok users commented saying: "She's married to his iPad now," a third said, while someone else added, "'In sickness and in health' at its finest."

Others were more understanding: "Don't let groom eat 24 hours prior to wedding," one user wrote as if taking notes.

"The bride has the best attitude," a second said.

"Way to make the best of a bad situation," someone else wrote.

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