Bride reveals common wedding mistake to avoid: 'Don't do it'

Nicole Pellegrino, Betches Brides podcast host, has taken to TikTok to share her biggest wedding regret, in the hopes it would convince others not to make the same mistake.

The TikToker married her now-husband Michael Freas in September and shared her number one tip for brides – don't show anyone your wedding dress before the big day.

Nicole Pellegrino TikTok
A TikToker who recently got married has shared with her followers her biggest wedding regret, urging people not to make the same mistake. Photo: TikTok/nicolepellegrin0

"Let's talk about one of my biggest wedding regrets," she began. "Hear me out: do not show anyone your wedding dress before your wedding day. And here's why.

"I was showing mine to literally anybody who asked, I'm not kidding. Whether it was a friend, a distant relative, a co-worker. I was doling photos of that dress out like hotcakes, and I regret it."


She continued, "People are bad liars and no matter how hard they try, if they don't like your dress, when you show them that photo, it will show on their face, their true feelings will show.

"So even if you truly love your dress and feel great in it, those little opinions will subconsciously start to taint your perspective of your own dress."

Nicole tiktok wedding dress regret
Nicole loved her dress with her followers also commenting that they thought it looked beautiful. Photo: TikTok/nicolepellegrin0

Nicole then shared her advice, "Instead, grab two to three people that you really trust and you want their opinions on your dress. Take them shopping with you. Have them support you throughout the way, only show them, that way on a big day, it's a big surprise for everybody.

"All your bridesmaids see it for the first time, it's really special and you don't have to deal with people's opinions!"

"This is REALLY good advice!" one follower wrote, while another added, "Not me who already showed it to 30 people."

"Yes 100% agree with this!" a third wrote. "The dress I'm going to wear isn't a basic dress, some people have given me really negative feedback on it."

"OMG this happened to me," someone else shared. "I would show people and they would be like, 'Oh! It's so cute...' And it would make me second-guess my dress and I got so upset."

"I totally get this!!" another said. "But I showed mine to everyone who asked and on the big day everyone was still so shocked saying how amazing it looked in person."

"Keeping mine a secret and people are so mad," one person added.

Others said they wished they'd seen this advice before, while some added the advice also applied to baby names.

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