'Beautiful' moment very excited groom spots bride: 'Made me cry'

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A groom has gone viral after a video of his excited, 'Golden retriever' style reaction to his bride walking down the aisle was shared on TikTok.

The bride herself, a boutique owner named Jenna from Chicago, USA, posted the footage, which has racked up over nine million views so far.

An excited groom waits for his bride at the altar on their wedding day. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.
The groom couldn't contain his excitement while waiting for his bride on their wedding day. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.

"Get yourself a husband THIS excited to marry you. That's all," Jenna captioned the clip.

Her husband, Justin does indeed appear ecstatic to be tying the knot with his sweetheart. He can be seen standing at the altar with a huge grin on his face, rocking back and forth on his heels like an impatient toddler.

Once his bride comes into the frame on the arm of her father, Justin reaches forward to shake hands and then share a hug with his new father-in-law.

Still beaming, he turns to Jenna and quite literally sweeps her off her feet in a big embrace which causes the guests to break into smiles.


An excited groom hugs his bride at the altar on their wedding day. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.
He swept his bride off her feet - literally - before they said 'I do'. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.

Since uploading the sweet moment online, Jenna has been inundated with comments and well-wishes from the TikTok community.

"This is absolutely adorable, pure love," one wrote.

"You just made me cry, this is so beautiful," added another.

"Okay I believe in love again," remarked a third.

One TikTok user described the groom's excited energy as "Golden retriever vibes".

When someone else wondered if Justin was a little too excited, Jenna explained that the couple had to postpone their nuptials and they were both feeling 'pure joy' at the prospect of finally getting married.

"No wonder he was excited, you look like a princess," responded another fan.

A bride has her veil adjusted by a bridesmaid on her wedding day. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.
The bride's followers on TikTok asked to see more photos of her 'gorgeous' gown. Photo: TikTok/jenna.smiley.

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