Bride hits back after 'crying' photos spark TikTok storm: 'Not forced'

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A bride has hit back at haters after she went viral online for her crying and facial expressions in her wedding photos, taking to TikTok to assure people that she is in fact not in an 'arranged marriage'.

Megan Livingston, from the US, poked fun at herself in a video that's had over 1.7M views, because her face was scrunched up and she was crying as she walked down the aisle on her wedding day.

crying bride megan TikTok
Megan went viral online for her crying and facial expressions in her wedding photos. Photo: TikTok

"I promise I was happy and not forced," she joked in the caption, before adding in the video "'Let's make fun of the girl who cried down the aisle'... Them not seeing how happy I was the rest of my wedding."

The original video of her wedding photos received hundreds of comments, with some people going so far as to say her tears "ruined the photos", while others expressed concern.

"Doesn’t look like tears of joy," one person remarked, while another said, "Looks like a terrible arranged marriage."


Megan has however repeatedly assured everyone that she is very much in love, saying in a recent video: "When all you wanted to do was share wedding photos, and now the internet thinks you had a forced arranged marriage."

crying bride megan on TikTok
She's since repeatedly confirmed she was happy and in love and NOT forced into a marriage. Photo: TikTok

There were plenty of people who found her display of emotion on her wedding day amazing and authentic.

"Congratulations! Embrace your emotions girl," one person commented.

"I know it's hard but please ignore the haters, your wedding was beautiful and emotional," was another supportive response.

"Please don't stop sharing wedding photos, especially the crying ones. I LOVE THEM," another fan wrote.

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