Woman exposes cheating boyfriend in shocking video

A woman has called on TikTokers to help track down a woman after her boyfriend was spotted allegedly cheating on her at a Gold Coast nightclub.

The TikToker shared footage of the boyfriend kissing a woman after his girlfriend ducked away for about 20 minutes.

"I'm looking for a blonde woman, I would say in her 30s, late 30s, at The Avenue in Surfers Paradise on Saturday the 27th of August," the TikToker known as Lexie said.

"You were there with your fella and some weird brunette chick who appeared to be his friend.

"When you went to the bathroom your dude clocked the f***ing room to make sure you weren't there and then started hooking up with the brunette girl and when you came back that obviously wasn't happening.

"So I thought you should know, here is the footage, sorry."

Lexie then showed the footage of the boyfriend grabbing the brunette woman as she sat in a chair.

The TikToker looks on in shock as the boyfriend kisses a woman who is not his girlfriend.
Lexie was shocked as she watched the man 'secretly' make out with a woman who wasn't his girlfriend. Source: TikTok

She is seen wrapping her arms around his neck as the pair share a passionate kiss before she playfully hits his arm after he pulls away and he starts dancing in front of her.

The camera then pans to show Lexie looking shocked by what she had just witnessed before she says, "What the f***".

The camera then pans back to the boyfriend and the brunette going in for another passionate kiss.


People commenting on the viral video were equally as shocked, with one saying Lexie should have played the video back to all three of them when the girlfriend returned.

"You should have airdropped the video," one said.

"Good on you for doing this," another praised the TikToker.

"I was engaged to one of these types of men and no one bothered to tell me what was going on for years."

Some questioned why the TikToker didn't go straight up to the trio to expose the cheating boyfriend, but Lexie said a friend filmed the footage and she did not want to put her friend or herself in danger "in case this man or women lost it at me".

"My friend wasn't comfortable with me going up at that time," she added.

When others suggested they might be in a polyamorous relationship, Lexie said she had thought about that but the man was "all over" his blonde girlfriend and secretly made out with the brunette as soon as she left.

"Girls looking out for girls," one praised the TikToker.

"Need more girls like you," another said.

"Girl code always," a third added.

Lexie has not posted an update and it is not known if she has tracked down the girlfriend.

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