TikToker reveals 5 signs your relationship could be toxic: 'Manipulative'

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A clinical psychologist has shared five red flags that could mean your relationship is toxic.

Sharing her tips on TikTok, Dr Kirren pointed out five phrases manipulative people say and revealed the hidden meaning behind these statements.

Two screenshots of Dr Kirren speaking on TikTok, on the left the text says 'I'm Dr Kirren, here's 5 things manipulators will say to you & what they really mean
A clinical psychologist shared five phrases to watch out for in relationships. Photo: TikTok/drkirren

The clinical psychologist started by explaining that when your partner says, “it’s for your own good”, what they’re really saying is: “You’ve no right to be upset, you should be grateful.”

The second commonly used phrase is “you’re so sensitive”, with Dr Kirren noting this could actually mean: “Your feelings really don’t matter.”


Another phrase that could be worrying is “you’re so dramatic”, with the TikToker saying this invalidates your reactions.

She continued, translating “you know how much I love you” to “I need to make sure that you keep giving me what I want.”

Two screenshots of Dr Kirren speaking on TikTok, on the left the text says 'It's for your own good means: You've no right to be upset, you should be grateful
The TikTok has gone viral, gaining over 250,000 views. Photo: TikTok/drkirren

Dr Kirren then got to the final red flag, and explained what “it’s just a joke” really meant: “If you call me out then it’s a joke, if you don’t, then it’s not.”

The TikTok has gone viral, with over 250,000 views and 16,400 likes. Dr Kirren asked her followers if they had experienced any of these manipulation tactics, and judging from the responses, the tactics are not limited to just romantic relationships.

“My ex-best friend of 30+ years said all of these,” one wrote.

“Sounds exactly like my narcissistic boyfriend,” another added.

“I’ve lived for 30 years with ‘It’s just a joke’ and I’m too sensitive and dramatic. He’s left me now for someone else and I’m free,” a third said.

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