Marriage therapist on the one thing women want their partners to do

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A marriage therapist has taken to TikTok to reveal the number one complaint she receives from female clients in relationships with men.

Corrin Voeller, who goes by @corrinthecounselor on the app, explained that the number one complaint women have about their husbands is to do with the division of household chores.

A marriage therapist
A marriage therapist has revealed the number one thing straight women complain about in their relationships and how their partners can fix it. Photo: TikTok/corrinthecounselor

"Let's talk about the difference between active responsibility and passive responsibility," Corrin started the video, which has since been viewed over 1.5 million times.

"Active responsibility would be you looking around the house for things that you could do, and taking responsibility for the things that need to happen within the house.

"Passive responsibility would be being available to help but waiting for somebody to tell you what needs to be done."


She then questioned whether you see yourself as taking active or passive responsibility when it comes to household chores and childcare.

"This is one of the top things that I hear from women as a complaint, saying that their husbands are waiting for them to tell them what needs to be done," she added. "And they're really looking for her partner in life who is actively responsible for the house and for the children and not waiting for their wife to tell them what to do."

Commenters couldn't agree with Corrin more, with one user writing, "Yup. After 26 years, I realised I was better off on my own. Now he's having to figure out how to take care of himself. I don't miss him."

"I ain’t your mother! I’m your partner. HELP!" another added.

"OMG it’s so exhausting!!!! And glad I’m not alone dealing with this with their spouses," a third wrote.

"Yesss. And he doesn’t understand that it would mean so much more to me if I didn’t have to ask," someone else added.

"As a husband myself I am both," one man commented. "And the reason for this is because sometimes I have done all I believe is done and then I ask is there anything."

Some women commented saying they are "blessed" with having a partner who takes active responsibility.

"I guess I am a blessed woman," one woman added. "My husband is not afraid to tackle house chores. He helps me inside and I help him outside. It gets done faster."

"I do feel very lucky I have an 'active responsibility' husband and if he ever sees me start cleaning, he gets up and cleans too no questions asked," a second added.

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