TikToker exposes SHEIN's X-rated mistake: 'What is this?'

The fashion retailer's embarrassing mistake has gone viral.

A TikToker has shared a hilarious X-rated mistake SHEIN missed when listing a perfume online for shoppers. While most people would have missed the small detail, the user zoomed in on the gold bottle to reveal a very racy reflection.

“WHAT IS THIS SHEIN,” the TikToker wrote on the video, before circling the reflection in red. It appears that the photographer was only wearing underwear while taking the snap of the product.

L: Screenshot of a TikTok showing a SHEIN listing. A SHEIN perfume bottle top with a reflection of a person taking the photo in their underwear
A TikToker has exposed SHEIN for their embarrassing blunder. Photo: TikTok/addictedtothisstupidapp

The clip has now been viewed over 5.6 million times and has attracted thousands of comments from amused users.

“I was so confused at first, and then I looked where you were zooming in before you circled it and I screamed!!!!” one person wrote.

“They were working from home,” another quipped.


Some said they rushed straight to SHEIN’s website to see the mishap for themselves.


“I just went on SHEIN and it’s actually true,” another added.

“I was looking for it on SHEIN but I saw another one and I think she just had her dressing gown on not tied aaahhh!!!” a third chimed in.

According to the content creator, the fashion retailer deleted the listing after realising their mistake.

“It’s a girl with a crop top on taking a photo…it’s just a joke saying that we saw it. They deleted that item and they are going to put up a new one without the blooper,” the TikToker wrote in the comments.

Two photos of a SHEIN model wearing lilac cut-out pants which exposes her underwear
SHEIN's cut-out pants caused quite a stir online. Photo: SHEIN

SHEIN’s cut-out pants baffle shoppers

This comes after one of SHEIN’s offerings left very little to the imagination. The cut-out lilac pants resembled chaps held together by a belt, with the entire front and back crotch area completely exposed. The strange fashion item has left shoppers asking: ‘What on earth are these?’

Reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s outfit for her Dirrty music videos, it seems that SHEIN has decided that 'assless' chaps are now back in fashion.

People were quick to comment on the impractical pants, with many joking that they needed them ‘for the breeze’ during a 'heatwave'.

“What is this trend of being practically naked all of a sudden?” one person wrote on social media.

“Got thrush written all over that,” another pointed out.


“I always get ads for the freaky stuff Shein sells! Bottomless jeans [and] see through plastic suits!” added an exasperated customer.

“I’ll be wearing these on Saturday, my unwaxed cheeks on display for the world to see,” a fourth quipped.

In a strange twist, the reviews on Shein’s website are almost all positive, with people heaping praise on the item of clothing. Some even shared photos of themselves modelling the pants.

“OMG! I love these so much! They’re tight if you have thicker thighs but I will lose leg weight just for these babies!” one reviewer gushed.

“Very beautiful, the material is great, I love it!” another commented.

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