Extremely skimpy swimsuit confuses shoppers: 'That is horrific'

There’s a new swimsuit design that has baffled shoppers, with many labelling it as ‘painful’ and ‘ridiculous’.

SHEIN’s latest offering seems just as impractical as duct tape bikinis, and is bound to end up in a wardrobe malfunction.

Two photos of a model wearing SHEIN's backless ring swimsuit, it's black, sparkly and she has her hair in a braid
Shoppers are horrified by SHEIN's skimpy swimsuit. Photo: SHEIN

Called a “Backless Ring Linked One Piece Swimsuit”, the design will set you back just $11.95 — but there’s a reason for that.

The swimsuit doesn’t have much fabric at all, in fact, the front is so narrow that customers are describing it as the ‘female Borat mankini’.


With sparkly fabric, the online retailer describes the outfit as ‘sexy’ with push-up cups. The back of the swimsuit is also impractical, as it consists of just one thin string.

Customers have gone wild online, with hilarious comments comparing the swimsuit to a ‘cheese grater’ and ‘dental floss’.

“Jesus Christ, if I sneezed things would fall out left, right, and down below,” one shopper exclaimed.

Two photos of a model wearing SHEIN's backless ring swimsuit in green, one from the front and the other from the back
The swimsuit leaves little to the imagination, with just a string holding it together. Photo: SHEIN

“I’ve bought it in pink. I look fab in the pork joint aisle at Aldi,” a person joked.

“What is this sorcery? Mad props to the model for pulling this off, however, where does one put their bits? Origami flaps? Are there folding instructions included?” asked a third.

The swimsuit is sold out in black with many favourable reviews, though most customers have been reluctant to post a photo of themselves in the outfit.

Others were mortified by how painful the swimsuit looked.

“How is that a swimsuit? Good luck swimming in that and not cutting yourself in half,” a customer wrote.

“It would feel like you’ve got a piece of tin foil wedged up your lady garden,” a person added.

“That is horrific. Imagine the bikini wax job you’d have to have, to even consider attempting that,” another chimed in.

Swimwear made from duct tape is the latest fashion trend. Photo: Getty
Swimwear made from duct tape is the latest fashion trend. Photo: Getty

Controversial ‘duct tape’ bikinis

This comes after the introduction of skimpy ‘duct tape’ bikinis, which debuted at Miami Swim Week.

The fashion designer sent many models down the runway in equally skimpy designs, with one mimicking a Borat-style mankini.

Joel Alvarez, the creator and designer behind the sticky tape bikinis, also created a mosaic swimsuit using brightly coloured and shimmering body tape.

Model Chanel Rivera donned one of the designs, and spilled on Instagram that it took her 12 hours to put on the bikini.

“Second time walking for the Black Tape Project. Thank you Joel, and to the outstanding team behind all of this hard work — 12 hours taping and just 30 seconds walking. It is an honour to be wearing your art,” she wrote.

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