SHEIN's cut-out pants confuse shoppers: 'Practically naked'

SHEIN has confused customers again with their latest offering, a pair of cut-out pants that leave nothing to the imagination.

The lilac pants resemble chaps held together by a belt, with the entire front and back crotch area completely exposed. The strange fashion item has left shoppers asking: ‘What on earth are these?’

Two photos of a model wearing SHEIN's purple crotchless pants
SHEIN's latest offering has no coverage around the crotch area. Photo: SHEIN

Reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s outfit for her Dirrty music videos, it seems that SHEIN has decided that 'assless' chaps are now back in fashion.

For sale on the website for just $29.95, the item of clothing has flare styled legs, with an eyelet buckle on the belt.


People were quick to comment on the impractical pants, with many joking that they needed them ‘for the breeze’ during a 'heatwave'.

“What is this trend of being practically naked all of a sudden?” one person wrote on social media.

Two photos of a model wearing SHEIN's crotchless purple pants
The pants are impractical and customers have joked it will cause 'tan lines'. Photo: SHEIN

“Got thrush written all over that,” another pointed out.

“I always get ads for the freaky stuff Shein sells! Bottomless jeans [and] see through plastic suits!” added an exasperated customer.

“I’ll be wearing these on Saturday, my unwaxed cheeks on display for the world to see,” a fourth quipped.

In a strange twist, the reviews on Shein’s website are almost all positive, with people heaping praise on the item of clothing. Some even shared photos of themselves modelling the pants.

“OMG! I love these so much! They’re tight if you have thicker thighs but I will lose leg weight just for these babies!” one reviewer gushed.

“Very beautiful, the material is great, I love it!” another commented.

Extremely skimpy swimwear labelled as 'painful' and 'ridiculous

This comes after SHEIN's skimpy swimwear made headlines recently.

Called a “Backless Ring Linked One Piece Swimsuit”, the design only costs $11.95 — but there’s a reason for that.

The swimsuit doesn’t have much fabric at all, in fact, the front is so narrow that customers have labelled it the ‘female Borat mankini’.

With sparkly fabric, the online retailer described the outfit as ‘sexy’ with push-up cups. The back of the swimsuit is also impractical, as it consists of just one thin string.

Two photos of a model wearing SHEIN's dental floss swimsuit
Shoppers were horrified by SHEIN's skimpy swimwear. Photo: SHEIN

Customers went wild online, with hilarious comments comparing the swimsuit to a ‘cheese grater’ and ‘dental floss’.

“Jesus Christ, if I sneezed things would fall out left, right, and down below,” one shopper exclaimed.

“I’ve bought it in pink. I look fab in the pork joint aisle at Aldi,” a person joked.

“What is this sorcery? Mad props to the model for pulling this off, however, where does one put their bits? Origami flaps? Are there folding instructions included?” asked a third.

The swimsuit is sold out in black with many favourable reviews, though most customers have been reluctant to post a photo of themselves in the outfit.

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