TikToker blasts Kyle and Jackie O over 'disgusting' comments: 'Ignorant'

"That’s how they talk about me when I’m not in the room? Oh my god."

A US-based TikToker has blasted The Kyle and Jackie O Show over 'disgusting' comments they made about her and her rare health condition.

Sydney Bean, 24, was asked to be on the show to share her story about her experience having a microperforate hymen, which means the hymen covers almost the entire opening to the vagina.

The TikToker, who goes by @sydneykidneybean on the app, realised she had the condition when she first tried to use a tampon.

Sydney Bean and Kyle Sandilands on The Kyle and Jackie O Show
A US-based TikToker blasts Kyle and Jackie O after they made 'disgusting' comments about her and her health condition. Photo: TikTok/sydneykidneybean and Instagram/kyleandjackieo

She underwent an "extremely painful surgery" to correct the condition.

When Sydney was asked to be on the show, the producer mentioned they'd spoken about her on the show earlier in the week, so, naturally, she listened to the segment and was horrified by what she heard.

During the segment, Kyle said, "Poor b***h. She had a p*ss hole obviously, but after she started to bleed there’s no proper opening. She’s bleeding out her p-hole. She’s like a Barbie doll this chick."

Sharing a video of herself listening to the interview, Sydney shook her head in shock.

"There was just no hole, like a Barbie. She’s got it fixed with no surgery now. Poor thing. How do you not know that till 17?"


"I guess until you get your period?" Jackie 'O' Henderson suggested.

"Don’t you girls use it like a little pocket when you were younger?" Kyle questioned, leaving listeners shocked.

Sydney questioned how Kyle "was allowed" to discuss her body so graphically

"That’s how they talk about me when I’m not in the room? Oh my god," she said, adding in the caption, "How is this man allowed to speak like that towards EMPLOYEES. At least Jackie O seemed understanding."

Fellow TikTok users shared their shock over the comments, with one user writing, "That's f***ing disgusting."

"The Kyle and Jackie O Show is very much like this," another said. "They talk about a lot of things like this. Every day it's something more shocking."

"Please go on and educate them, how absolutely appalling their actions have been!" a third added. "This is totally unacceptable."

Later, Sydney updated her followers saying, "I wish I could say that I crushed him, but I didn't, I went on the show and I was pleasant, and I was open and honest about my story."

She added that she'd agreed because she hoped she could educate the audience, who might not understand the condition.


Sydney shared that because she was being so open and honest, she felt "pressured" to share more than she'd initially hoped.

"I did feel pressure into sharing more than I would have liked to," she said. "There’s an overwhelming pressure to be explicit on the show. I shared more than I would like to. But overall I feel as though I was a voice to educate and it had a positive impact."

"The contrast between you and Kyle is light years," one follower commented. "To go on there knowing the disrespect they showed you, but still to help others....you are amazing."

"I've no doubt that you were a positive impact," another commented.

"Very brave of you! This shows how much you care," a third said.

Others described Sydney as "brave" and "mature" for dealing with the situation the way she did.

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