Kmart hack for shopping online discovered by TikTok user: ‘So cool’

A TikTok user has shared the amazing Kmart hack they discovered which helps people shopping online.

While looking to purchase a $29 hallway table, Rangihuia Woods (@rangihuiawoods) realised that the retailer has a feature that allows shoppers to view the piece of furniture in their own home.

TikTok Kmart hack.
A TikToker discovered a Kmart hack for online shopping. Photos: Kmart/TikTok/rangihuiawoods

By clicking ‘view in your space’ when on the item’s page, users are able to see what it would look like in real life through augmented reality.

“I just wanted to show you guys to see if I’m the only one who didn’t know about this,” Rangihuia said in her post.


The video shows the 32-year-old going onto the Kmart website and clicking the ‘view in your space’ button.

The page then launches the AR experience and explains that you need to ‘point your camera at the floor or the surface and move it side to side’.

After this, the hallway table appears virtually on her camera inside her home so she can visualise if it fits in with the room.

“So you can use it on your phone and you can place it in your house!” she exclaims. “What the hell?!”

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Rangihuia’s followers quickly rushed to the comments to express their admiration of the feature.

“Wow that’s so cool,” one person wrote.

“Try before you buy!” someone else commented, with Rangihuia replying, “Isn’t it a good idea!”

Kmart's AR feature.
Kmart launched the AR feature in 2020 to make shopping easier for customers. Photo: Kmart

Kmart apparently launched the tech feature back in September last year, alongside a new chatbot called KBot Assist to answer any questions you might have about the product.

“The immersive AR and AI experience was designed to bring joy and inspiration to customers’ lives,” Kmart head of digital Melissa Wong said.

“With extra help from our AI chatbot personality – KBot assist – we have been able to make shopping easier for customers by sprinkling delight across the customer journey,” she added.

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