Kmart shoppers in stitches over strange warning label: 'What dog?!'

A Kmart shopper has spotted a rather bizarre warning on a label attached to a set of new Curtain Lights they bought from the popular store.

Taking to a Kmart decor Facebook group, the shopper shared a photo of the warning label that read: "If the cable of the light chain is damaged, it cannot be repaired and the dog must be destroyed."

kmart warning label fail
This Kmart warning label on an Anko light chain has gone viral. Photo: Facebook

"I guess it’s a good thing we’re not dog people … Who knew string lights could do such a thing?" the woman captioned the image.

Now whether the error was a typo or an intended joke - anyone with a dog will likely have lost a few light cables in their time! - is unclear, but the bizarre instruction nonetheless caused a stir among fellow Kmart fans.


"That’s a bit harsh," one wrote, with another asking: "What dog?!"

"Well that escalated quickly," was another comment.

"My ribs hurt from laughing so hard," one person wrote.

While a fifth said: "I feel like the person who wrote this was like ‘I wonder if anyone actually reads these … let’s put something weird in and see.'"

Kmart store in Melbourne
Kmart has had a few recent fails on warning labels. Photo: Getty

It comes after a similar fail on another Kmart warning label was roasted by shoppers earlier this year.

A customer shared a snap of the blooper online, showing that instead of the standard warning text on the back of the retailer’s koala-shaped silicone travel bottle, the label contained a jumble of unintelligible words.

“Thanks for the warning Kmart. It was very helpful,” the customer who purchased the $4 product deadpanned in their post on Reddit.

A fellow Reddit user pointed out the wording was simply a sample of ‘lorum ipsum,’ a placeholder that’s intended to be replaced by the correct text before it hits the printers.

“Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry,” they wrote, quoting the ‘Lipsum’ website.

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