Kmart $29 bedside table hack blowing up on TikTok: ‘Clever!’

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A woman on TikTok has shared her ‘clever’ DIY bedside table hack, repurposing a $29 item from Kmart.

Simonette (@s.imonette) posted a step-by-step video showing how she created a “cute fluted side table” all by herself.

Before and after the Kmart hack.
A TikToker turned a $29 ottoman into a chic bedside table. Photo: TikTok/@s.imonette

The 22-year-old purchased a $29 ribbed storage ottoman from Kmart and cut off the cushion to reveal a wooden piece underneath.

She then painted the furniture item a cream colour, as it originally comes in either pink or grey.

Simonette later styled the item with candles and a coffee table book for a chic appearance.

The video currently has over half a million views, with many followers praising the unique idea.

“This is actually the best DIY I’ve seen on this app,” one person commented.

“Omg and it has storage in it! This is SMART,” another added.

A third wrote: “I was wanting this exact thing and could only find it for $80+, thank god for you!”

In the comments, Simonette also clarified that she painted directly onto the ottoman with a two-in-one paint that includes primer.


After seeing Simonette’s video, fellow Australian TikToker Hannah Leavey (@hannahleavey) was inspired to try out the trend for herself.

“So I saw this Kmart hack on TikTok and I ran to my nearest Kmart and got the last one in the store,” she told her followers.

She then details how she went to Bunnings and bought a mint green paint, and later used a box cutter to remove the cushion off the top.

Before and after a second bedside table hack.
TikToker Hannah was inspired by the original video and chose to paint her ottoman green. Photo: TikTok/@hannahleavey

Hannah reveals that she didn’t use primer and ended up doing three coats of paint to get her desired look in just a few hours.

“I’m so happy with it, it looks so good,” she said.

“I was looking for a pastel bedside table for so long and they’re so expensive, so I was so happy when I saw this hack.”

TikTok users said they were “obsessed” with how the DIY turned out, with many remarking that they now need to try it themselves.

Original poster Simonette also took to the comments, writing: “Cute! Turned out so pretty.”

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