Kmart shopper urges others to read instructions after son's incident

A Kmart shopper has left a hilarious review online for a queen-sized mattress, urging others to take note of the safety warning after her son had an unfortunate incident.

The woman, Julia, wrote that her toddler was thrown across the room when her husband took the rolled-up mattress out of the packaging.

Kmart mattress.
Julia says her son got “kicked across the room” when her husband opened the mattress. Photo: Kmart

“Mattress is great quality and super comfortable,” she began the four-star review on Kmart New Zealand’s website.

“When unfolding the mattress, make sure nobody is in firing range. My husband didn’t read instructions (shocking I know) and my son got Kung Fu kicked across the room as the mattress expanded.

“I checked to make sure he was okay before laughing until I almost wet my pants.”


The Queen Bed Spring Mattress, which is available exclusively online for $279, specifies in the instruction manual to be careful when unpacking.

“Your mattress has been under a lot of pressure recently and may lash out if not unwrapped carefully, please give him/her some space,” the instructions read.

Julia’s amusing review has since been shared online in a Facebook parenting group with over 700k followers.

“This is too good,” the user captioned the social media post. “Those considering buying any sort of mattress that has been rolled/folded, please take note.”

Julia’s Kmart review.
Julia’s Kmart review left Facebook followers in stitches. Photo: Kmart

Followers couldn’t help but laugh at the story and share their own experiences in the comments.

“This happened to my son once with a rolled mattress, so funny,” one person wrote, while another posted, “I got smacked in the face from a box mattress years ago.”

A third said: “I would be on the floor with my child laughing.”

Julia ended up seeing the viral post, adding that the situation was “so funny”.

“I wish I had it on camera! I would have won Funniest Home Videos for sure!” she replied.

Kmart ottoman before and after.
A TikToker turned a $29 Kmart ottoman into a chic bedside table. Photo: TikTok/@s.imonette

Kmart DIY bedside table hack

Julia’s entertaining Kmart review comes after a TikToker went viral for sharing her DIY bedside table hack, where she repurposed a $29 item from Kmart.

Simonette (@s.imonette) posted a step-by-step video showing how she created a “cute fluted side table” all by herself.

The 22-year-old purchased a $29 ribbed storage ottoman from Kmart and cut off the cushion to reveal a wooden piece underneath.

She then painted the furniture item a cream colour and later styled it with candles and a coffee table book for a chic appearance.

“This is actually the best DIY I’ve seen on this app,” one follower commented.

“Omg and it has storage in it! This is SMART,” another added.

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