How often do you wash your bra? Influencer shocks with confession

An Aussie influencer has shocked her podcast co-host after saying she doesn't regularly wash her bras.

Fitness influencer Laura Henshaw has shocked her KICPOD co-host Steph Claire Smith after confessing how often she washes her bra. Spoiler: it's not very often.

Laura and Steph are known for tackling some interesting topics on their pod, from how often they wash their sex toys to sharing other X-rated stories and admissions (like Laura's admission that she doesn't shower after sex).

Laura recently revealed she doesn't wash her sex toys after every use, and now she's back at it again admitting that she only washes her bra about once a month.

Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw
Steph Claire Smith was left horrified about Laura Henshaw said she washes her bras once a month. Photo:

After Steph expressed dismay at the once-a-month admission, Laura simply stated: 'The longer the life of the bra, the less you wash it" before stating her bra doesn't "smell".

Steph, on the other hand, said she washes her own bras "every two to three wears".

'Barely wash mine'

A lot of women flocked to the comments with their own thoughts, with many pointing out the wash cycle from normal bras to sport bras was very different.


"I barely wash mine too… maybe like every three weeks and never hand wash," one person wrote. "Sports bras will be every couple of wears (depending on how much I sweat that workout of course!)."

"Clean bra every 2-3 days, I throw them in the laundry bag in the washing machine with all my other washing," one person pointed out. "But this is fascinating!"

"Normal bras I can use multiple times before washing however sports bras or crop tops after the gym or a workout go in the wash straight away," another said.

"I’m lucky if I wash it once a year tbh," one rogue person said.

How often should you wash your bras?

While its a known fact that underwear should be washed after every single use (well, we hope that's a known fact), bras can depend on a few factors like how often you wear it, and how much you sweat.


In an article previously written for Yahoo, two experts shed some further light on the issue.

Dr. Geeta Yadav, a dermatologist and founder of Facet Dermatology said that washing your bra weekly is the bare minimum to avoid a musty and dirty undergarment.

Ra’el Cohen, the co-founder and chief creative officer of the bra company ThirdLove, recommended washing your bra after two or three wears “unless you’re really exerting yourself."

Both experts agreed that any bra you have been active in, such as sports bras, should be cleaned after every use. Similarly, if it’s hot out and you’re sweating, your bras should be washed after every use.

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