Woman reveals shock request from Tinder match on first date

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A woman has shared the moment she decided to go on a first date with someone she matched with on Tinder, only to have no idea what it was she would be walking into.

TikTok user @no_thanks3 took to the video platform in response to a trend question - 'what is the worst date you've ever been on' - revealing she had matched with a guy, who immediately sent her a message, asking: "Hey, how spontaneous are you?"

tiktok bizarre tinder dating story
A woman has taken to TikTok to share the bizarre request she got from a Tinder match on their first date. Photo: TikTok

"We end up at this cliff-side restaurant, super nice, super boujee... we go inside this private backroom that has this amazing view and there are ten people sitting at the table," she explains in the clip, revealing her shock.

"Everyone turns around and is like: 'Oh my God, Ryan, you brought her!'

"I'm like: 'Oh my God, Ryan, w*f?'"


As it turned out he had brought her to his mum's birthday dinner in the hopes of convincing the guests he had a girlfriend. Despite being confused at first, she said she decided to "put on a show" with things apparently going so well, her date ended up offering to pay her if she went on more "family dates" with him.

tiktok woman pretends to be girlfriend
She pretended to be his girlfriend and "put on a show" for his family. Photo: TikTok

"So I went on three more dates, got a little side cash," she added.

Though sadly nothing romantic eventuated, as she described him as "really boring and awkward" but called it a "great experience".

"So basically I can teach an improv class now," she quipped at the end of a Part 2 clip.

Her bizarre tale has received millions of views, with plenty of people sharing their shock over the bizarre request in the comments.

"This is like a plot to a novel or something," one person commented.

"This is hilarious. Girl you got confidence!" another wrote.

"I'm crying at this story," was another comment, while a fourth said: "You're an icon."

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