Man’s ‘cringey’ Tinder dating questionnaire ridiculed on TikTok

A woman has gone viral for sharing a bizarre questionnaire that was sent to her by a match on Tinder.

Elizabeth, who was sent the extensive application form to see if she was worth pursing, shared a video of the questions with her followers on TikTok, saying, “A guy on Tinder sent me [a] literal dating application.”

TikTok user Elizabeth poses in front of a screen showing a questionnaire
TikTok user Elizabeth went viral after posting the questionnaire a Tinder match sent her. Photo: TikTok/rumourhasitvintage

The questions included basic queries about her job and appearance, but also had more left of field questions such as, “What’s your favourite Justin Bieber song and why isn’t it Sorry?” and, “Any special skills?”.

There were also others such as “What is the blockchain,” and “Do you have a dog?”, with one possible multiple choice answer to the latter being, “No, but I have access to my friends’ dogs.”

Elizabeth wasn’t impressed with the man's effort and wrote back to her match saying, “It is you who should be filling out an application to speak with me, sir.”

She let her followers know that the questionnaire was “so cringe”, and that she had never seen anything like this before.


Many TikTok users were on Elizabeth’s side, advising her to run and saying this was a red flag.

“I’ve seen these be cute/funny before and this was absolutely not that,” one chimed in.

“People who send out survey links like this are deranged,” another added.

TikTok user Elizabeth poses in front of a screen showing a questionnaire
There were some strange questions on the list. Photo: TikTok/rumourhasitvintage

On the other hand, some TikTok users admitted they actually thought it was a good idea.

One person wrote, “Am I the only one who wants to create one of these for myself? Like damn that’s efficient!”

Another remarked with, “I’m so sorry but this is hilarious and exactly my sense of humour.”

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