Mum's 'disgusting' find under son's bed goes viral on TikTok

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Any parent of a teenager will likely have encountered the fun scenario of realising your son or daughter's room isn't actually as squeaky clean as it may appear.

One mum's shock and horror at making that exact discovery has gone viral, after she shared what she found lurking beneath her teenage son's bed on TikTok.

viral TikTok disgusting under the bed
The mum was shocked at the discovery under the bed. Photo: TikTok

"When is the last time you cleaned under your teenagers bed?!!" Amanda asked alongside the clip on TikTok, which has been viewed over 17.6M times.

"I pulled my teenage son's bed away from the wall and found this," she added.


What follows are a series of her own, and other family members' priceless reactions, before the reason for their shock is finally revealed.

Hiding under the bed - because it's simply been stuffed down the side - is an entire rubbish bin's worth of empty food packets, water bottles, and crumbs.

TikTok viral messy bedroom
A host of family members were shown the mess, before her son had to clean it up. Photo: TikTok

The footage got plenty of amused and sympathetic reactions from Amanda's followers, with many admitting they've made the same discoveries.

"You should be glad you don't have roaches," one person wrote, while another suggested: "Been there! Check out the drawers too, you will be surprised."

"I am so pleased to see it's not just my boys who doo this, even after being constantly told to not eat in their rooms," another parent wrote.

"That's disgusting," was one person's comment.

At the end of the clip Amanda's dutiful son can be seen vacuuming up the newly cleaned area, as a few younger TikTok users mused that they wouldn't get away with the mess themselves.

"My mum would have buried me in that trash," was one comment.

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