TikTok mum's 'crazy' trick to make teen clean room goes viral

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A mum in the US has shared the sneaky tactic she employed to finally get her 16-year-old daughter to clean her messy room.

Tiffini shared a video on TikTok showing clothes strewn over the floor, an unmade bed and clutter on every surface, with the caption: "When your teen won't clean her room."

TikTok teenagers dirty bedroom
A mum has used a sneaky tactic to get her teen to clean her messy room. Photo: TikTok

So she brought in some specialty equipment - namely some black rice - and scattered it around the room to basically mimic rodent faeces.

She filmed herself leaving grains of rice in the closet, on her daughter's bedside table, the floor and even under the doona.

In the comments the mum explained: "Usually if her room is not cleaned in the morning I take her phone, but I got lazy this week." 

TikTok teenage room rice trick
She used black rice around the room to look like rat droppings. Photo: TikTok

Turns out her alternative method worked a treat, as she added: "She's cleaning now."

And in a follow-up clip on the same day, she showed off the now neat and tidy bedroom.

"Since you all asked #PART2 she even cleaned her closet and got rid of clothes," she updated her followers.

The sneaky method was dubbed 'genius' by many, with the clip quickly going viral gaining more than 15M views.

TikTok teenage bedroom clean
And just like that the room was tidied up. Photo: TikTok

"This is genius. Teaching your kids responsibility starts with cleaning their rooms! Not totally their space when it's in your house. Rock on mom!" one person commented.

"I like this idea. Instead of cleaning their room for them you're teaching them what can happen if kept unclean!!" another agreed.

"Genius. I'll be going to buy a bag tomorrow!" was another comment, while a fourth wrote: "That is crazy creative."

A few weren't too impressed calling out the mum for the tactic and instead suggesting she perhaps find out the reason for her daughter's laziness in the first place.

Though she later also conceded she eventually told her daughter what she had done.

"I told her after she cleaned most of the room," Tiffini added in the comments. 

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