'Weird' cleaning hack divides TikTok: 'What's the difference?

How do you clean your wood or tiled floors? Most people might vacuum and then mop for a clean and sparkling feel. But one account on TikTok is espousing the virtues of dry mopping and we have to admit we didn't even know it was a thing.

NowItsClean is a cleanfluencer TikTok account that shares hacks and tips with 1.7 million followers. But one of their latest videos has got a few people questioning the technique.

Step-by-step Lori shows us how easy dry mopping is. Photo: tiktok/@nowitsclean
Step-by-step Lori shows us how easy dry mopping is. Photo: tiktok/@nowitsclean

"I found this method was easier than vacuuming because the broom was so light and I was so happy that it attracted all that hair," said Lori, the Canadian behind the account.

However many of her fans just pointed out they thought what she was doing was pretty much sweeping.

"I'm not being intentionally obtuse here," one fan commented, "but how is this different from using a push broom? Is the cloth sticky?"

"What's the difference between dry mopping and sweeping?" another added.


Though many followers pointed out that even when you use dry mopping with sweeping or vacuuming, you are still collecting more dust and dirt off the floor.

Woman cleaning the floor in living room with vacuum cleaner.
Some wondered what the difference was between dry mopping, sweeping and vacuuming. Photo: Getty

"Yes, I actually learned this from my husband. Thought it was so weird at first but love it," one said.

"It's my favourite way to sweep!" another commented. "Sometimes I'll sweep with my regular broom then go back and dry mop and I'm always amazed at how much more dirt is left."

On her Instagram account, where she also shared the video, Lori explained her technique for anyone who wanted to try it out. (The Swiffer mop and accessories are currently on sale on Amazon AU!)

"In this video I used my Dollar Tree flat mop and added a Swiffer Heavy Duty dry sweeping cloth. I typically use reusable, washable cloths to dust, but really wanted to try out the Swiffer line because I haven’t used them in awhile (sic). What can I say, I’m impressed," she wrote.

"What I love about this combo - it’s quick and easy," Lori added on the post on Insta.

"I was able to pick up dirt, hair and dust in a snap. I think this is a great solution for anyone who has pets, dusty homes, shedding hair, or doesn’t have a vacuum, etc."

Being house proud and keen to have the cleanest floors that I can, I am certainly willing to give this a try alongside my sweeping, vacuuming and mopping but maybe not every week – I mean there's only so much time I want to be spending on cleaning.

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