Grill'd chip hack goes viral on Tiktok: 'Saving coin and calories'

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The Grill'd regular chips
The Grill'd chips are a crowd-pleaser, but sometimes you want to enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. Source: Grill'd

Feel like some quality Grill’d chippies, but can’t be bothered leaving the comfort of your own home?

Great news, you no longer have to! And no, we’re not recommending you fork out $20 and order in UberEats.

Actually, we’ve got a neat little hack for you that will save you time, money, and is good for you - yes, we know, it sounds too good to be true!

What makes Grill’d chips so good?

The famous Grill’d hot chips are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. 

They stand out from the rest of the fast food chippies by being thick-cut and sprinkled with a generous amount of herbs. 

Screenshots from the Woolworth Grill'd chips TikTok hack showing the final seasoned chips.
The final step is to pour your herb blend over the crispy chips, and enjoy! Source: TikTok

In fact, the entire Grill’d brand is known for pushing the envelope on delicious chips in general (remember the avocado chips?).


Despite their overall yum-ness and their ‘Healthy Burger’ slogan, a regular serving of the Grill’d chips comes in at 580 calories, over a quarter of the recommended average daily calorie intake for women. 

So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, low-calorie version of the famous snack, Brisbane-based qualified fitness coach, Bec Hardgrave, has got you covered.

Screenshots from the Woolworth Grill'd chips TikTok hack showing the herbs
Head down to your local Woolies to get some frozen chippies, and the necessary herbs for the faux Grill'd blend. Source: TikTok

Fitness coach posts Grill’d chip hack

Bec shared a TikTok recreating the Grill’d chips on her account @bechardgrave that has over 56 thousand followers.

In the style of TikTok food videos, the innovative clip has quickly blown up, with hundreds of thousands of views.

To do the hack, all you need are a bag of frozen hot chips, the herbs you most likely have at the back of your cupboard, and an air-fryer.  

Bec recommends the Woolworth’s brand Macro Straight Cut Chips, as they’re the most similar to Grill’d chips and most low-cal.

“Grab these fries and make this herb blend,” Bec instructs in the video.

Then, simply season the chips with flaky sea salt, rosemary, oregano and thyme, and pop in everyone's favourite kitchen gadget, the air fryer. Cook at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, or until they’re brown and crunchy.

“It’s super simple. It tastes exactly like the Grill’d chips”. Bec says.

The best part? The entire serving is only 146 calories!

Screenshots from the Woolworth Grill'd chips TikTok hack showing the herb blend and chips in the air fryer basket.
This simple but delicious recipe requires minimal ingredients, and can be made in one bowl! Source: TikTok

TikTok goes wild over the recipe

The comments on her video are all raving about the clever idea.

“You absolutely nailed this," one Tiktok user commented.

“Saving coin and calories, love this!” another agreed.

“Love this!” was another reaction.

Even the official Grill’d TikTok account, @grilldburgers, commented on the video, saying, “Sharing is caring! If you want to level up, we’ve (got the) ingredients and nutritional tables for our full menu on our website - show us what you can make”.

To us, that sounds like an invitation! 

And we’ve got a recommendation for the next Grill’d hack - one that many other viewers seem to agree.

Many commented asking Bec to come up with a Grill’d dipping sauce hack. Easy herbed mayo recipe, please?

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