TikTok divided by Bachelor bride’s stunt at her wedding: ‘So awkward’

A bride has divided TikTok users by sharing a romantic gesture from her own wedding online, with some calling it their ‘worst nightmare’.

Caila Quinn, who was a contestant on the 2016 season of The Bachelor in the US, organised a musical surprise for her groom during their Florida wedding last month.

Surprise flash mob at bachelor wedding on tiktok
Caila’s surprise flash mob at her wedding has been labelled ‘awkward’ by followers on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/cailaquinn

The 30-year-old posted the moment on TikTok, which shows two singing pairs standing up amongst the seated crowd.

The performers, who were disguised as guests, shocked the groom at the altar by performing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ by Frankie Valli.

"Surprised the groom and all of our guests with a flash mob Broadway singing performance during our wedding ceremony!," Caila captioned the video.

The clip currently has over 700k views, with followers split between whether the moment was cute or cringe-worthy.


“WHAT IN THE GLEE IN THIS,” one person commented.

“I’d kill anyone that did this at my wedding,” another wrote.

A third shared: “No way I would be able to stay serious through this.”

“I would’ve made them stop immediately,” someone else wrote, with another adding, “my husband would’ve walked out.”

bachelor bride Caila's wedding dress.
Caila told her followers on Instagram that she organised the surprise because she couldn’t sing herself. Photo: TikTok/cailaquinn

“This is so amazing,” a different user posted. “So thoughtful! Your groom is so lucky!”

Another person commented: “This is so awkward I’m crying but GORGEOUS WEDDING.”

Posting the video to her Instagram, Caila went into more detail about why she wanted to organise the musical gift.

“Since I can’t sing myself, I let these talented four do it for me,” she captioned the moment. “Love the lyrics and truly do feel like my husband and this day was too good to be true.”

Her friends who attended the wedding also commented on the post, expressing their shock at the flash mob.

“We were so surprised and it was fantastic!,” one guest wrote.

In other videos on her page, Caila, who has over 74k followers on the platform, shared more wedding related content. She posted clips with her bridesmaids, getting her hair and makeup ready, and a teaser of her wedding video.

The couple are currently honeymooning in Greece after waiting to book their holiday until the last minute in the hope that ‘Europe would open up’.

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