TikTok user accidentally sends X-rated message to family group chat

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A woman has been left red-faced after accidentally sending an X-rated meme to a family group chat.

Riley shared her embarrassing moment on TikTok (@lemonss28), where she explained that the group chat was initially created for her aunt to send updates about her sick dog.

Woman's embarrassing TikTok video
Riley's video currently has over 500k views and 40k likes on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@lemonss28

“That one time my aunt made a family group chat to keep everyone updated on her dying dog and I accidentally sent this,” she captioned the video.

While most family members had texted well wishes, Riley accidentally sent a meme that read: “Some days you eat the a**, other days the a** eats you.”


Riley immediately realised her mistake, texting everyone: “OMG, wrong chat, wow I’m so sorry”.

Her aunt asked her delete it, but unfortunately that can only be done by each person individually.

Woman sends embarrassing meme on group chat
Riley's aunty immediately asked her to delete the X-rated meme from the group chat. Photo: TikTok/@lemonss28

“Enjoy the entertainment,” one relative replied.

“Not funny, need more information to delete,” another family member named Mimi added.

Riley’s mum ended the conversation by telling her to “go back to work” after she had sent step-by-step tutorials in an attempt to delete the rude photo.

The video currently has over 500k views on TikTok, and fans can’t help but laugh at the awkward incident.

“I think the funniest part was you having to screenshot walk them through deleting it,” one user commented.

“Gosh they have zero humour,” another wrote. “And do they think the police will arrest them if they don’t delete it?”

“Mimi just live a little home girl,” a third person posted.

“They’re so dramatic,” someone else said.

New TikTok trend

Lettuce soaked in hot water apparently helps insomnia.
A new TikTok sleep hack involves soaking lettuce leaves in boiling water. Photos: TikTok/shapla_11

TikTok users are currently trying out a new hack that helps you go to sleep.

The viral trend involves soaking lettuce in hot water to tackle insomnia, with user Shapla Hoque (@shapla_11) having positive results.

In her video that currently has 6.6 million views, Shapla says that the tea took her “about 30, 40 minutes” to fall completely asleep.

“My mum used to do this for me,” one person commented. “Boiled water and leave in the pan for 5 minutes on minimum heat, always worked for me and it’s all natural.”

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